December 10, 2014

I haven't launched it yet (because it has to be SO rad first) but I have a new website and I hope it's going to make all of the publishers in the world drop what they're doing and come offer me all of the jobs.

Just kidding.

No, seriously, like, that'd be cool, but mostly, I just want a creative outlet to share with friends, family, and all of those boys I've been writing about over here who want to see the things I've written, but who can't actually see the things I've written because what would I even say? "Don't pay attention to June-December 2012 because all of those pieces were written about how head over heels I was with you (even though our dates were stupid)", "That piece about a business trip to Boston had nothing to do with that one time you and I went on a business trip to Boston", and "The seven thousand+ essays I've written about your plaid shirts have nothing to do with you, Jude! Coincidence, duhhhh."


So, new website, here I come! I'll let you know when I launch!

(P.S. I have seriously been watching so much Scandal. Can't wait until Imy parents ask me how finals week went and I can say "IT'S HANDLED" like I'm Olivia FREAKING Pope.)