February 16, 2015


Me last week. Drinking an enormous soda. Just before the stomach flu destroyed all of my hopes and dreams.

Turns out (aside from a major stomach flu that I haven't had since the third grade) 
I'll stand my ground this time with that statement or you'll never believe anything I say ever again.

Remember when I posted that really depressing collage of pictures at the end of last summer and said something like "LIFE'S NOT FAIR" and "I HATE EVERYTHING"? Me, too. Life was like that for a hot minute and I was scared of something I felt really strongly about slipping through my fingers. Some(thing/one) that/who made me happy to sit in an office for eight hours a day. 
(You know, he used to leave Post-It notes on my computer screen when I took my lunch break. They always said insignificant things like "Hi, how are you?" and I miss them.)
And guess what. Instead of destruction and Schindler's list-y stuff, for five months, there was cell communication, talk of a baby daddy bringing home the bacon, a few I'm-so-lonely-here-I-can-barely-stand-its from both parties, and by mid-December, there was a plan. 
Beginning of January, that plan branched off into two really lovely days:
-New Year's Eve, where I left my family in Texas mid-holiday to catch a party. I wore a sparkly blouse and a tutu skirt. I can't remember what he wore, but he told me he missed talking to me and wished we could do more of that.
-The second plan was an afternoon lunch. I sat across the table from a him at a cafe. He wanted to talk big ideas, tailored work suits, and Gillian Flynn. Had to pinch myself after how well that one turned out. Because he is UN. REAL.

And then, late last week, he invited me, so I gave myself the OK to make another plan. 
To jet-set across the country for a Lincoln Memorial moment.
Because I'm 23 and saying yes to life this year! Why?

BECAUSE DAMMIT IF 2015 ISN'T MINE. (It is, btw.)

Should I make another Office reference? KAY!

This is right after Jim gets back from New York where he has just spent a few days with Karen.
One of my favorite Office moments ever. In the next episode, he's back from Stamford.

Life is weird, y'all. 
But, like, good weird probably. 

February 2, 2015

2015 might be my year, revisited.

Gonna continue Office references about Jim moving to Stamford until I feel better about my own stupid life. Dare you to name one person who was even Team Karen anyway.

(P.S. Haha about 2015 being my year.)