April 30, 2011

but yogi....

it's time to post this.
because i am feeling a surge of melancholy sweep over me this morning.
i think it may be due to the fact that i have watched more grey's anatomy this week than should ever be humanly possible.
don't get me wrong--it's my most favorite television show of all time, but it makes me highly emotional.
and tonight, after a hilarious game of loaded questions, us hardcore grey's fans greysathoned until five o'clock in the morning.
and then made buttermilk waffles, bringing us to the present.
where i am blogging.
and not sleeping, because it is hard for me to do such a thing when the sun has come out.
so for now, i will shower, and resort to the library and the anthropology museum where i can do my best thinking.
i'll be back later, i'm sure of it.
there is a lot on my mind.

April 29, 2011

and she said, "let them drink tea."

which is precisely what we did.

congratulations to the royal couple.
let THEM eat cake.

April 28, 2011

i'm not even embarrassed.

you guys. 

i'm going through a stage where all i want to do is pretend that i am kate middleton. (for obvious reasons.) lately, i only listen to the beatles. eleanor rigby and lovely rita are my best girlfriends these days. not to mention i watched the young victoria yesterday and drooled over her wardrobe. and her husband. i don't know what it is... but the royal wedding is taking over, and i can think of nothing but this and this. i'm a little bit bitter about missing the event by just two weeks. 
yes, that's right. two.
 oh that i were a transcept at westminster abbey.
i thought that since mr. president wasn't on the guest list, i could maybe go in his place. he should not have regifted the winston churchill bust... to the people that gave it to him... good one. 

i think we all know where i'd rather be right now.
i love them.
i'll be watching their special day live tomorrow morning. 
at 4 a.m. 
it's just true.

April 27, 2011

as if receiving these pictures wasn't good enough,

i sent him that shirt for st. patrick's day!
i feel like a rockstar.
i'm sure this is how karl lagerfeld felt when he saw pictures of ashton kutcher wearing his line.
probably similar, i'm just saying.

now if you'll excuse me, i have a museum exhibit to revamp, twenty pieces of furniture to sketch, a deck of cards to design, and two finals to study for.
oh sweet death, kill me now.

{happy wednesday, love elder monson and me.}

April 26, 2011

this girl always remembers calendar dates.

in the midst, and through the mist of all things scholastic,
i would just like to take a small moment to recognize this day as a monumental one.
on april the twenty sixth, two thousand and eight,
my lips lost their virginity.
tahaha... what a funny day.
i was maybe wearing the above apparel on said spring evening. and it is maybe still tucked away in my closet.

if you'd like to know the juicy details, you won't find them here.
except that it happened in a soccer field, and i thought i fell in love. 
but i didn't. and thank goodness for that.
because love sounds scary...

kisses are lovely little things, and they deserve to be recognized.
so here's to three years ago, hosting stomach butterflies, and more kisses. :) 
sealed with a kiss, court.

April 25, 2011

my two lips.

there are tulips on my windowsill, making me a happy girl.
spring is springing. 
and thank goodness for that.

beta fish.

love them, hate them. they just won't die.
you know?

maybe one day i'll actually say what i mean.
but it's unlikely.

{good night, little followers.}

April 23, 2011

ohhh what a dapper dan. pearly teeth and tennis tan.

to my dear sweet h.t.b., {that's husband-to-be; keep up.}

just so you know,
before i was of age to voice my opinion, my four big brothers decided that this would be reenacted throughout my life, constantly singing it in my ears. if i didn't think it was so charming and wonderful, i would protest. however, i think it's the bee's knees. my name was maybe taken from this movie. it's a kearns family staple... and i have every word memorized. "charlie, never lead with your right... you'll get killed that way!"

that's all.
loves, hugs, and other drugs,

sister cordie.

April 22, 2011

i like vicious rhetoric. it's like playful banter. but scarier. because i mean it.

scarce can i speak, my choler is so great. oh! i could hew up rocks, and fight with flint.
william shakespeare. 

I couldn't have said it better myself.

i am on edge at the moment. mostly because i'm not a fan of unintelligent people, ignorance, or anxiety.
all of which i have come in contact with in the past twenty four hours. 
so here i am. expressing myself through hardly appropriate acrimony.

disclaimer: tonight, i am tart and full of acerbity. and i'm not afraid to let you know. 

first. this is to no one specific. so before you hasten away on your highest horse, settle down. i'm not talking to you. 

let's get down to business now, shall we?

to whom it may concern, don't give me your opinion. on anything. because i don't find it intelligent. or worthy of my listening. plus, you don't like me. so i don't like your thoughts.
don't speak when you're clueless.
you're unnecessarily curt and rude. your kind end up being the jake pavelkas and roseanne barrs of the world. i challenge you to find five fans of each.
grow up.
and i hope you feel like an idiot.

all anger aside, i am now a fan of baz luhrmann. something i never thought that i would say. moulin rouge, not his strongest suit. however, tonight he has proven his genius with this. besides the fact that leo is wonderful, he speaks shakespearean. and as we all well know, i have a relationship with words. therefore, i now have a relationship with the movie romeo + juliet. i am in love with literary tragedy. it's some twisted, messed up quality i possess.

also. props to mr. luhrmann. i have forgotten to mention a project in the works... the great gatsby. which happens to be my favorite book. i have faith in the luhrmannator. he will do great things with mr. jay gatsby, daisy, myrtle, tom, nick, and the rest of the gang. {i'm putting in a plug for paul rudd to be cast as nick carraway. he would be just fantastic.} the day baz luhrmann revives julius caesar and sparks the same interest in high school students worldwide that i was hit with three years ago, will be the day that i bow down to him. it seems to be that i am the only person in my generation with great adoration of that piece, and it is a downright shame!

{it's the weekend, people. celebrate like you mean it.}    

April 21, 2011

i ate a lotttt of nutella today. and i don't care who knows it.

fall semester registration.
not all that it's cracked up to be.
which is why we chose to drown our sorrows like this.
so here's my tribute to another year of t.s.c. dance parties, angie's, and old main.
i love my little utah state. :)

we made these shirts. in an attempt to beat these boys.
minute to win it is a cruel, cruuuel game.
and if it weren't for me failing to chug two cans of root beer in under sixty seconds, we might have had a chance.
buuuut i couldn't do it. and we lost. miserably.
and so the game ended for team 10, thus leading to bragging rights for the boys.
if they weren't so sportsmanshipsy, i would probably egg their door.
no, that's a lie. i wouldn't.
but i would entertain the thought.
however... they were nice about our loss, and told us we will always be number one to them.
no egging necessary.
or even thoughts of it.

guess what! it's my favorite day of the week.
{happy thursday, lovelies!}

April 19, 2011

things that sometimes happen.

sometimes i decide that going running for about the second time in my life will be a good idea.
and then it's not.
and my body hurts like a mother. all. day. long.
my shins, calves, and my thighs are on fire. and not in a good way.
in an i-have-been-hobbling-to-class-like-i-actually-worked-out-hard-but-really-didn't kind of way.
i only jog/walked down campus hill to seventh east, and seventh north. then back up.
so that's fine.

i have a brand new obsession that could be potentially fatal for my bank account.
i just dicovered that i can purchase any movie that i want online for five dollars.
my relationship with amazon.com has grown significantly over the course of seven days, and said relationship increased even more when this arrived in my mailbox yesterday:
i do believe i have found love.

and the following is just for your viewing pleasure.
sometimes our neighbor, jake, comes into our apartment and prohibits us from getting off the bed until he has intertwined kylee and me together with streamers. we think he's fun.

also, it might be morally corrupt, and against everything that i believe... in that i'm usually against all things her, but there is just something about this that has taken me over. sorry, self. it's just true.  

April 18, 2011

a tale of two elders.

and now an update from my most favorite elders:

way too much heat in mexico, resulting in burned skin. the caption of this photo read, "ohhh hey. nm just in an internet club, you?". same carter. saaame carter. 

garbage defiling the streets of russia. grossing the little germophobe out. yet still wearing those plain white undershirts... i have never been able to understand that obsession.

these are my two best friends.
handsome, aren't they?

all in all, loving the work.
and i'm lovin' the pictures they send home! aren't you?

sometimes it's monday and we have to be okay with that.

maybe after i went to class, i spent the morning browsing multiple friendships on none other than the fb.
and maybe i enjoyed it a little bit too much.
and now i'm going on a run in the pouring rain. that will most likely turn into a walk. i'm just being honest.

that's all.

hickeys and other true stories that the world now knows about me.

i have to tell you something.
i got out of my bed to come write this post. i was tucked in at 1:30, writing in my journal, praying, getting ready for sleep.
the vasaline was smoothed over my lips, the lights were out, lotion on, window open, and i just couldn't do it. i sat for a little while, trying. hard. but when my brain thinks, there is just no stopping it. so here i go.

i had an inappropriate dream about robert downey jr. last night.

which is probably the most unlikely confession that would ever come out of me. and by the way, i happen to think it's hilarious.

that's right, kids.
i have joined the downey train.
i'm obsessed. which would explain why i have watched only you about three times throughout the day.
and before you get your mind all in the gutter, it was a great dream. with a pg rating.
maybe pg-13... it was no high school musical.

other than that, ky-bee and i threw missy a surprise birthday party five days in advance.
the guest list included the girls downstairs, the girls upstairs, and the boys next door. and occasionally some wanderers from the elevator.
there were lovely cupcakes drenched in kylee's signature cream cheese frosting, candles, balloons, and more cartoon impersonations.
we did some great party things:
some name calling happened... out of love, double dog dares, some balloon soccer in the lounge, balloon art which was probably just as exhilarating, and a few rounds of what if. everyone knows it's not a party until you break out the what if.
i gave away my most "intimate" secrets in a grueling game of truth, double truth, or triple truth.
so there was no way out of that one...
which is a little weird, but mostly funny.
we learned lots and lots about each other just in time to part ways for the summer.
thank goodness for missy.
without her, none of that would have been possible.

{happy birthday, little miss!}

sweet dreams... if you know what i mean... ;)

April 16, 2011

where's my pic-i-nic basket.

i battled a stomach ache all night.
which had me waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

the good news is that logan is rainy, wet, and grey today. just the way i like it.
and i splurged on a giant box of capri suns.
im usually not one to deviate from my grocery list,
but today, it had to be done.

other than stomach problems and childhood beverages,
last night was maybe one of the best ones i've had.
my roommates and i spent our friday night on campus with the boys next door at the relay for life american cancer society fundraiser.
what an incredible cause.
the ceremony had me remembering someone special who fell victim to cancer six years ago. i can recall very vividly the time that she underwent treatment, losing all of her long hair, and bore nothing but the brightest of smiles; i hadn't recalled on her story in quite some time. she was my young, cool, stylish aunt kimmie, who played with my hair, and put lipstick on my virgin lips. i can only imagine the relationship we would have had today. 
i was shown several tender mercies of the Lord as the loved ones of survivors, and survivors themselves celebrated the strength that they had to overcome this monster of all diseases.

ohhh to be so brave.

before you believe that the event was solely a solemn and reverent thing, let me tell you that i have never had so much fun. between karaoke, and off the wall dancing, yogi bear, and boo boo made an appearance. and laughing that hard should be a daily requirement for everyone. pee your pants worthy.

needless to say,
i'll support year after year.

April 15, 2011

April 14, 2011

thursday is for happy people, part two.

sometimes i talk to my mom on the phone. 
and my mind is at ease yet again.
so i celebrate with a jbc, and some theraputic les miserables in my car.
add a new episode of the vampire diaries, i am now unstoppable.
amazing what a burger, fries, and blood sucking hotties can do for the soul.

happy thursday is restored.

April 13, 2011

because things like this always happen to me.

today i learned that there are fifteen dollars and thirty three cents in my bank account.

and it provoked me to do the following things:
--boycott a real bra, instead toasting to my friend, the sports bra.
--stand idly in the shower. for a longggg time...
--refusing to volunteer in class. {okay that one's not real. i don't do that anyway.}
--eat plain noodles for lunch for lack of a better meal. 

poking mama bear right now would be a very bad idea.

first of all, eaves dropping. that's fine. i'm not opposed by any means. however, when you're participating in such an activity, especially when strangers are involved, it would be beneficial to remember that you are not actually in on that conversation, nor do you know those conversing. so probably don't nod your head in response when they discuss the latest leo dicap movie. they don't know you. and they'll give you looks. and apparently, i'll blog about you. keeping yourself aware of the situation, could have saved you the humiliation. if you would have caught me on any other day, i could have looked past your inability to steer clear of the creep train, but not today. you're proudly riding now.

also, an absurd number of my peers are actually acknowledging me today... this is not normal. i've gotten smiles, waves, quiz partner invitations, laughs, the works. i'm the girl that avoids the front row, preferring to sit last row, last chair as to avoid such confrontation. the one day i don't wear a real bra. cool, you guys.

aaand last. i just want to inform you that i have a small stalker inside of me. she creeps, she quietly follows; she does not nod, but she still has a stalker stat. which is currently peaking. that was just a tid bit of knowledge that you, my blog friends, are now privileged with. allll twenty of you.

stalker stat of the day:
once there was a shuttle named campus loop. gary was the driver, and he picked me up after class to take me back to my dorm abode. which was nice of him. {but don't think i get special treatment; he picks everyone up.}
so here i am. sitting quietly, like always. no one of particular interest surrounding me. and then. standing on the sidewalk, that one boy is waiting patiently for gary to pick him up and take him home. naturally my hands start shaking for no apparent reason. other than complete obsession. at this point, the butterflies in my stomach are birthing more butterflies. {awkward}. i nonchalantly removed the newspaper that held the seat next to me bound like it was nbd, and placed it in my lap. this person, this great person, climbed onto campus loop, walked to me, prepared a backpack removal, and uttered a, "hey courtney!" from that tragically handsome smile of his, only to bypass me before i could mumble back anything audible. i could almost feel myself reaching out to touch his backpack or something. that was when the hypnosis subsided, and i turned back into a pumpkin. the moral of the story is, i got stuck with a spanish exchange student, and a three day old statesmen.

we think fruit's a bully.


frogy-frogue and british humor.

when you're feeling particularly bland, 
i suggest you take a trip to twizzleberry, and visit your beef of 13 years, {coincidentally an employee} fill your cup to the brim with new york cheesecake fro-yo, and finish off the night reliving your earlier years with spice world.

at least, that's what we did...

April 12, 2011

a few items of biz.

i reeeally hate bitter carrots. but do you know what i don't hate?
i really don't. in fact, i opposite of hate them. i love them! 
and if you're following me, but you're a closeted follower... let's break it down further. if you believe that you're creeping on me and that i'll be offended, abandon your inhibitions! i like you, and i think it's okay that you like me too. so follow away! 

{by the way... i know you're real. i read my stats.}

i have decided to undergo a little bit of blog construction... blostruction. i'm tired of this template and all of its friends. they need to leave. so obviously i'm starting with this new font. smaller, and less dainty. because i decided dainty isn't a word i would ever use to describe myself, so why would i use it to describe the ohhh so interesting life that i lead? i wouldn't. so from now on, i'll be working on the ever developing relationship growing between helvetica and me. we might be destined for true love. 

April 11, 2011

because going to school for the entire day just doesn't suit me well.

there are a few things that should never be permitted.

for instance:
one: who gave the okay on single's ward talent shows? never have i hated an hour more than the one i just spent at the toaster church down the street listening to bad impressions of the three amigos, yo-yoers, mix dances, and mediocre numbers done all to often, yet should really only be performed by miss frances ruffelle herself. it is a cardinal rule throughout the history of show tunes that one should never, and i repeat... never revamp, scratch that from the record... attempt to revamp a les mis sequence. because eponine is eponine. and there is no room for you to be.

sorry. moving on.

two: it should be a crime in all 50 states, and all 12544 countries, {just kidding. i don't really know where that number stemmed from. in other words, i completely made it up.} to produce a television show based solely on the sexuality of american teenagers.
...i think that's all that needs to be said there.

in other news,
i found a plush green chair on the side of the road. and it was free. so i picked it up. and it looks rather lovely in our little dorm of a home. some might tell you otherwise. like my roommates. but they're lying.

also, i checked out the antique shop. {this was my little my thing of the day.} i've been wanting to visit for quite some time now. so today i finally went! and guess what. as i apprehensively tip toed in the door all by my lonesome, there were four little men sitting around in rocking chairs discussing the weather. yes. the weather. so now, i have full proof that logan is the absolute best city in the entire world. if your town lacks fishermen hat wearing, {fish hooks included may i add} grey haired, rocking chair regulars, they're up here with me. they are just so lovely. and i'm never giving them back. now here are a few lovelies for you to enjoy.

vintage benches, vases, wedding dresses... i think i found my sanctuary.

ohhhh to be so in love.

this place is like a dream...

driving away from the wreck of the day.

you learn that when you all stay the weekend, the milk disappears faster... a whole new monday morning experience for me.

this morning was rough. to say the least.

out the door fifteen, count them, fifteen minutes past 8:30 for a 9:00 class. so naturally the shuttle decides to come even fifteen minutes after that.
late. again.
and i wouldn't be complaining had this class not been museum studies. you know. the only class i have with less than twenty people in it. you're completely noticeable when you jump through the door seeming to wear the word "tardy" stained to your forehead. have i neglected to mention that this class isn't on the first floor of the geology building? not the second floor either. ohhh no. because that would be too easy for me. obviously the she's-that-girl-that's-rarely-on-time-to-a-movie-theater curse wasn't enough for me. third floor, kids. let me add that these steps are anything but material for rookies. and of course the entryway to the elevator was being re-plastered. because the geology building is my arch nemesis, and we wouldn't agree to be friends even if we liked each other.

as the story goes, i was late.

if we're plussing it up, {yes, plussing: making something better. i just made it up. and i can do things like that because this is my blog. i can also italicize anything i want. for the record.} i found this girl today. and i must admit that i have been reading and reading all morning. her writing is seriously the bee's knees. if you're smart, you'll read. and read and read.

and also, i just decided right now that i'm going to do something just for me today.
i'll keep you posted. because i post lots lately.

April 6, 2011

if you had three, you'd give me two. no other friend like you.

title love from my boyfriend, j-rad. here.

so here's what's up.
blogging a lot lately.
i think a lot.
deal, or stop reading.
...sassy? yes. true? also yes.

my very best girlfriends: miss emily, lulu, kels, haley, and i the night before we all moved up to college.

so here are my thoughts on friendship:

a question has been poking my mind as of late. in all honesty, what should a friend do for you? the answer that i came up with is anything. so for all of you out there that have friends that stick stipulations to situations, you can borrow mine. because they are the best ones on the earth. promise.

and guess what.

conditions don't exist with them. and if they do with your friends, get yourself some new ones. because your old ones are laaaame. and quickly turning your spent time into a waste of it.

and here's what i have to say to you if you, yourself, aren't a very good friend...

i sincerely wish you the best of luck.
that's all.

pray for me.

let's pretend there's this fruit that only comes around every once in a while. and then let's pretend that this fruit is a watermelon.

so i guess there's this watermelon...

k now let's add that you've never tried watermelon before. but you think it's great already. you don't really need to taste it to know how great it looks in a zip up sweatshirt. and you cerrrrtainly don't need to have a real conversation with it to understand why there's no better fruit on the market. and maybe this watermelon makes you nervous, and you just want to die a lot when it comes in... season? and it knows that.
smart fruit.
so it takes full advantage of watching you fumble through words any chance it gets. it also takes pleasure in asking you to repeat phrases that have somehow escaped your mouth in the most juvenile of ways. because it's a fruit. and we think fruit is a bully.

k then the last thing that makes you want to be allergic is those watermelon eyes. you heard me.

it's obviously time to stay away from watermelon for a while.

April 5, 2011

if we're being real...


Is a place we can go and forget about everything else…and occasionally judge people.

a little piece of honesty for your tuesday afternoon. found here.

April 3, 2011

six weeks to a love affair with the blarney stone.

it's times like these where i wish i didn't have to drive two hours north in the morning.
and for the record,
elder uchtdorf said everything that i needed to hear today.
the Lord gives us answers when we pray, and i love my church for teaching me that. it was a lovely sunday, filled with words of our prophets. thirst quenching, if you will.

i hope you were in love with your sunday like i was.
that hope is co-mingled with the same hope that i wish for your monday morning.
and also, i hope your monday is full of less driving than mine.

good night. followers. and kelsey g.c. ;)

the good news is,

i just bought one concupiscent pair of shoes.
and if i liked the word sexy, if i thought it held value in the english language, i would use it to describe these shoes.

i am now about to drift off into some sleep where i can dream sweetly of the heels that were meant for me. the same heels that promised me in the department store that if i would rescue them from the shelf, they'd carry me clickingly across the guggenheim every day for the rest of my life.

at that point it was settled.
and we will be happy forever, because we have each other.