October 31, 2011

happy 31st!

we celebrated this spooky night getting spoiled by grandma edith, and partying with our killer ward.
it was low-key, and wonderful.
precisely the way i like my halloween to be.
it's november the first in about twenty minutes.
which means it is finally legal to watch the family stone [on replay], drink egg nog, and put up a christmas tree in my big, beautiful bay window.
which maps out my day tomorrow in exactitude.

but for now,

happy halloween!
b.a., charlie chaplin, and a black eyed pea.

October 30, 2011

meet liz, the first.

just making shakespeare proud, no big.

the lengths a student will go to for extra credit.
crafted out of computer paper, and the rimming of a paper plate.
she has always been my funniest friend.

something festive.

i had fun not going to the howl like the rest of the world.
you know, the rest of the world being those who go to my school. and those who aren't cool enough to go to my school, and come to the howl anyway. 
the mary poppins pumpkin... would we expect anything less from me? she's my favorite girl.
so, instead of howling, we carved pumpkins, brewed up some wassil, and celebrated all hallows eve with stockard channing, sandy bullock, and nicole kidman.
[if you don't speak pop culture fluently, that means practical magic. sillies.]
how much more festive can you get?!
plus, we kind of thought we owed a little something to halloween...
considering the fact that we have been listening to christmas music since october first...
 when i told my mother that i would not be attending this "school dance", she was highly disappointed, and asked me why. i proceeded to tell her that i A: was opposed to the 10$ charge, and B: couldn't handle all of the grinding.
then she asked me what "grinding" was.
i changed the subject.

all in all, cousin night with the pumpkins was a success.
...a success that turned into cousin sleepover.
where i hauled my entire bed into melodey's room.

howl shmowl.

October 28, 2011

[insert rebecca black reference here.]

it is friday.
and in my obsession, and the celebration of no class for two days, i have found a new hobby.
thus, i give you the evolution of ryan reynolds:

canadian child superstar?
international revolutionary?
ahhh the nineties slicked back hair.
wow... zach morris meets lance bass. we've hit a rough patch, folks.
and we're back in the game. at sacred heart.
"it's cool. i like other girls. DARLA!"
...my personal favorite.
and let's be honest. some of his best work.
it's like, you've got the rest of your life made when you hit the big
screen with america's sweetheart.

gosh, i do love him.

i got a haircut that looks like this:
 and i love it. just call me annemarie, and find me a dog named charlie.

bloody thursday.

i wrote a paper from my bed this morning. with pants, a long sleeved shirt, sweatshirt, some hard core ski socks, a down comforter, and two extra blankets...
and still had to wear my hood.
33 degrees this morning, and still smiling.
we're pretty B.A. up north.

stone cold fox.
in other news...
i went on a ryan reynolds craze this afternoon.
just friends + definitely maybe = four hours of drooling over the best looking man alive.
i don't know what it is about dark hair, dark eyes and a five o'clock shadow, but it gets me every time.
my personal vervain, if you will. [bahahaha... but really.]
scarlett johansson is such an idiot.

it was bloody thursday today.
[that means vampires and seattle grace. keep up.]
here are my two cents:

1. hello, jeremy gilbert.                                                           
2. i CALLED the whole supernatural-lexi-                               
coming-back-as-a-ghost thing. CALLED IT!                          
3. gosh dang-it, when are damon and elana                             
going to just get it on already? am i alone here?                       
4. bonnie bugs. let's torch her house and steal                         
her spell book.                                                                       
5. i learned that families really can be together 
forever. this stuff isn't just for humans. exhibit
A: pearl & anna.

1. mcdreamy needs a mchaircut. mcdesperately.
2. i honestly can't choose: sloan or avery? sooo
glad i'm not little grey right now... wait... nevermind.
3. christina yang makes me miss emily matis. she's 
the rational to my dark and twisty. we're the 
grey-yang duo for life.
4. i love greys, really. i do. but this season, well...
it is breaking my heart. however, i will not stop 
watching, because i feel like if i did, i would be 
abandoning my people or something. i've been
through it all: callie o'malley, "pick me, choose
me. LOVE ME!", denny duquette, izzy and george
in the elevator... [favorite episode], christina quits
the scalpel, george has the syph, george gets hit 
by a bus... i've seen it all. i just feel like i would 
be letting down the gang at seattle grace, and that
idea alone is just morally corrupt! HARD CORE 

well, now you've either got some thoughts to ponder, or some thursday night television to catch up on.
i wish you well.

October 25, 2011

call me high maintenance,

smart boys will still get me all swoony.

October 24, 2011

wake me up when october ends.

i love the shoes that make me feel like margaret sullavan.
which reminds me...
jimmy stewart, you are the bees in my knees.
autumn is coming and going quickly.
thank goodness. i am ready for snow covered logan. you either love it or you hate it.
being the outcast that i am, i prefer it. off with my head.
however, i think we can all agree on one thing: october overstays its welcome each year.
or maybe it's just me who thinks that... it must be the decemberist inside of me yearning for holly bells and chestnuts.
the dreamy house that i can't resist stalking on the daily.
i'm pretty sure george and nina banks live inside. which makes it all the more appealing.
my happy place.
my happiest place.

and do you know what?
it's the lips, i think.

you know you are a college student when...

1. you miss your sis like this.
2. your mother sends you home with a box of goodies supplied with the following essential items: costco size nutella, vitamin c tablets, pumpkin muffins, and the number to the dentist's office... yes. my winter break consists of a trip to the dentist, and the dermo. you've got to stick to your guns [or in this case, doctors...] when it comes to health and wellness. can I get a holla!

October 19, 2011

vienna waits for you. billy joel, highly appropriate.

i kind of feel like never reading an article, memoir, JSTOR entry, or scientific journal ever again.
because i have spent the last eleven hours hooked to my computer, notebook, and every 1960s new york times article that ever existed.
and frankly, i am sick of writing about housewives and "glocoat".

so i took a break.
mind you, it was not a break from academia, but rather a break from all things "don draper meets stepford wives". it was a dive into western civ. a very much needed dive.

it was a small vacation where i disappeared into stefan zweig's autobiography.
i saw vienna, and lived like the jewish bourgeoisie.
i learned all about the age of security, and the upper middle class previous to the twentieth century.

i also read this, which explains my obsession with this novel:

"we gradually acquired small comforts, moved from a smaller to a larger house, rented a carriage for afternoons in the spring, and traveled second-class in a sleeping car. but it was not until he was fifty that my father allowed himself the luxury of spending a month in the winter with my mother in [the south of france]."

the world of yesterday, by stefan zweig.

never have i been so crazy eyes over a class before.
i'm in love with this required text. really, i am.

[weekend starts TOMORROW! ...at 3 p.m. ...if i can only manage to finish this soul sucking paper. you will be the death of me, english 2010. wow... never thought i'd say that... i blame it on general requirements, and lack of creative thinking involved with that waste of a class.]

October 18, 2011

selena g., out.

so i was convinced that i had meningitis this morning...
but what else is new?
i'm a hysterical hypochondriac, and there's no stopping me from "web m.d.ing" when i feel a twinge of the most common symptoms. i called my mom four times today. she calmed me down. and told me that i probably do not have meningitis... thanks, mom. i love you.

so, good news.
autumn has hit logan finally.
as i walked home from church yesterday, i couldn't help but notice all of the yellow trees and piled up leaves around me. i went a little picture crazy... cars were judging me. but i didn't care, because it's not like i have that many friends anyway.

this is what a cache valley fall looks like: 
stunning, really.

do you want to know why today was the best day ever?
because my etsy necklace came in the mail! 
and it was wrapped in the sweetest package.
better believe i'll be giving them the review of a lifetime.

tonight was good.
in an attempt to snatch "practical magic" from our neighbor,
we were instead summoned into her apartment for some murder game playing.
it was an offer we couldn't pass up.
and somehow, within an hour, i went from being selena gomez, to a member of the mafia, in love with the uni-bomber.
[i still don't really understand...]
the good news is that we made friends with the apple pie neighbor boys on the corner of our street.
and all i know is this: they are a reeeeal great time.

i like new friends.

October 16, 2011

"and then, you leaned." "i leaned?" "yeah. you leaned."

"I'd say that she gets under your skin as soon as you meet her. She drives you so nuts, you don't know whether to hug her or, or just really arm wrestle her. She would go all the way to Europe just to get a stamp in her passport. I don't know if that amounts to insanity, or just being really, really... likable."

one day, i'm going to find a jack callahan, and then i'm going to marry him.

 he really just sweetens my tea.

 same dress as my julie-sister?
one in the same.
girl got styyyyyle.
i love. 

i guess you could say that i'm unhealthily obsessed with a few things:

-my life mission to exterminate all germs from the earth. 
-the cute little neighbor boy who magically became my home teacher last week.
-the fact that my cousin doesn't mind that i blast the entire newsies soundtrack while i shower. in fact, she sings along. duh. we're kin.
-bing crosby's christmas album. that i maaaybe abducted from my mother's stash [sorry, nance...]. and yeah. i listen to christmas music in october. because if there's one holiday that i wouldn't invite to a party, it would be halloween. 
-this picture, which i purposefully rediscover about every day. and i miss him. about twice, every day.
[december 1st marks one. whole. year! do i hear a celebration coming on? yeah. that, and a prayer to thank the big man upstairs to have made it this long without his skinny body and premium music selection.]


October 14, 2011

"i feel you in my knees."

i like to buy new art.
i like to turn leftover scrapbook paper into bunting.
i like to listen to death cab, m. ward, and jj heller.
i like to spend my friday nights alone.
i like sweet letters promising world travel,
and i like the way they send me to the moon and back.
oh, yes. i particularly like the moon.

i love friday.

essay tests are my best friends.
no, seriously. i think we were meant for each other.
i just finished taking one on western civilization. from 1600-1850.
and if you can keep my nerd status a secret,
i'll tell you that it was one of the more enjoyable parts of my week.
i wrote eight short essays, and one extended essay in 50 minutes.
and while stressful and crazy, it was an exhilarating adrenaline rush.  
i loved it so much.
i don't really understand either. all i know is, european history is my niche!
we go together like louis XIV and absolutism... whaaaa? history joke? you bet.

moving on...
a list for your friday:

where i'd rather be this weekend, and a fabulous blogger.

this blog. my gosh, she's hilarious. i wish we were best friends all the time. p.s. what is it with me, and reading "megan blogs"? seriously, i think i follow five or six. obviously you're a great blogger if your name is megan.

can't. stop. online shopping. my obsession these days.

go buy one. now. we can be twins.

now you're addicted. you're welcome.

can we just talk about how ty lockwood survived his transition into being a hybrid, matt donovan tried to kill himself, jeremy gilbert is still my fave, and rebecca is a jealous crazy psycho? it's like, lay off elena. also. you know things are getting crazy when you're a bigger fan of damon than stefan. ugh. i miss real stefan...

p.s. since when did derek shepherd become the world's biggest tool? mcdreamy is dead to me. no one hurts merideth grey.

now, if you'll excuse me, i have a lunch date with the red head with an angel's voice. ciao!

October 13, 2011

happy halloween.

when "the girls" first appeared in our foyer, they were a little sketch-tastic.
but then we realized that we could scare the pants off of each other just by placing them in various spooky dark spots throughout the basement.
so naturally, we kidnapped them from the upstairs...
...and it has been an ongoing battle between the 4 basement dwellers, every man for himself, since monday.
here are some of places i've found them:

this war really is a riot.

October 12, 2011

felt like i was drowning.


all hail... me. because i'm a true aggie. 
yeah. what up.

he put his arm around me and began digging a hole with his words. his terrible, cheesy words.
i think i felt the bruise of his ego more than he did.
 there was no way out.
so as the story goes,
sympathy o'er took me, and together, we kissed atop the "A".
i let a stranger true aggie me, something i swore i would never do.

it was awkward, slightly inappropriate [tongue, really? i've known you for five minutes!], and absurdly uncomfortable.
but hey. i got a card out of it...?

until tonight, i hadn't known a painful kiss; i was one of the lucky ones.
...until i broke my streak.
with that being said, 
this kid could use a few pointers from my previous gentlemen suitors, let's be real.
so, my friends.
let this day go down in history as the day that my peers began showing me a little bit more respect.
oh, who are we kidding.
that's not true.

viola hastings said it best:

October 11, 2011

wanderlust, and a pilot's daughter.

sure do love me some etsy.

ahhh to be young and flat broke.

we basement dwellers...

we throw a fit after hours and hours of homework.
[no, not kidding. from 2-10:30.
curses be to the person who invented verb conjugation. i for real hate you. (jk, but seriously.)]

and the only way we can ever think to stop the madness is by visiting the retro mcdonald's on main.
sure, there are diet cokes involved.
...but d.c. alone cannot cure us of the wiggles.
we must cavort around campus cat calling and murder screaming at passerbys, forcing them to shake in their boots. 
then, we wreak some havoc on our old alva c.
[twisting off the lights in the elevator. basically starting a revolution. classic.]

if i could be on any t.v. show, i would choose saturday night live. hands down. 
hanging out with andy samberg, kristin wiig, seth meyers, and bill hader all week? where do i sign up?

also p.s. 
that diamond, right?!?!
i might be obsessed with it, and stare at it all day long.
which explains why i made her model it on a mcdonald's cup.

another french test tomorrow. blow me lucky kisses, please.

October 9, 2011

i'd like...

--a little girl with uncontrollable giggles and curls. named clare. with no "i", to be perfectly irish.
--little boys who'll play sailboats with me. lots and lots of little boys. heaven, help me.
--an art deco wedding... with organic lines, jazz music, and red poppies.
--a sweetheart who'll give me brown eyed babies. for in that area, generations of reinforcement have told me that my genes will forever be slacking.

yes please.

October 7, 2011

how to: disappear all evening.

this only works if you're completely devoted to fall television.
and hulu.
you probably shouldn't read on.
if you aren't as pathetic as me,
i tip my hat to you.
for, i fall victim to thursday night every week.

step 1: pour a cup of piping hot chocolate.
...two cups, actually. yes, two.
you need them both. trust me.

step 2: start with zooey d., the wizard, and schmidt.

step 3: move on to will and christina.
up all night.
[it's possible that nbc wrote television personalities of jake and court. largely possible. and hilarious.]

step 4: [liiiike i needed another t.v. obsession...]
pan am.
 world traveling.
frank sinatra ALL THE TIME.
trilingual flight attendants.
it's like hulu was begging me to watch.
and i heeded the call.

5. the vampire diaries.
ty and caroline... i want them to have invincible hybrid babies.
[oh my gosh. i'm one of thoooose people.]

step 7:  watch grey's anatomy. pray it gets better.
seriously. i'm feeling a little bit let down already. it wasn't even picture worthy tonight.

step 8: ensconce yourself in some eucalyptus spearmint before bed.
this magic serum might as well be my boyfriend, i'm serious.

 your act will go famously.
money back guarantee.

and if you don't disappear?
don't blame the blood suckers, surgeons, new girls, or me.
you just clearly were not meant for thursday night t.v. catch up.

October 5, 2011

wednes. day.

there were a lot of reasons that i needed to not be at school today:

1. simply put, i cannot work with idiots. group projects are worthless. give me the assignment, i'll do it myself. painting pretty pictures doesn't give you license to criticize san vitale, or the mosaics of justinian inside. can we all agree on that? let us all stick to the things we know, savvy?
2. my french class wrecked me today. i was a studdering mess. i had to say, "pass" twice when my professor called on me... and apparently that word is frowned upon during lecture. crap, she hates me. but it's like.. hey.. don't you work for me? 
basically, the only reason that i went to school was to walk in the rain.

in honor of this glorious gloomy weather that we are finding ourselves in up here in cache valley [and i hear you folks in the slc have found it too! aren't we all so lucky? i think so.], i have decided that i'd like to feature some of the other things that i love so much: 

1. the brilliant combination of ty lockwood and caroline forbes. [the BSHs are on my mind once again. and they're in my loft, too. surprise, surprise.]

2. my engaged roommate. she's pretty cool. we laugh at the same things, her ring is like a dream, and let's be honest... these two cuties were meant to be. plus, she brings me her love in the form of sour candy... which just so happens to be my favorite kind of love.

3. i reeeally like my bed. yeah. that's all. 

4. my pretty sisters, all five of them. we like to share everything with each other. especially our names.

5. sonic's pumpkin pie malt. it'll change your life, and make you a real woman. true story.

6. this blog. i love it so very much. can't. stop. reading.

tttthat's all, folks
enjoy your rain.

October 3, 2011

and while sitting at my kitchen counter for well over three hours,

i decided, that, yeah. i'm going to check my stats.

and the only useful--okay, not useful... the only comical information that i found, was that top keywords bringing readers to my blog are the following:

"my zipper is down", and "adult holding babys' hands".


our brains are the same.

kelsey g.c. text messaged me a rather disdainful and jaw-droppingly ignorant quote this morning, followed by a piece of her mind.

the [personal, i'm sure] insult that started it all:

"jane austen's novels are vulgar in tone, sterile in artistic invention, without genius, wit, or knowledge of the world. never was life so pinched and narrow."
--ralph waldo emerson.

kelsey g.c.: hate him. i'm reading about feminism, and apparently most male authors think women are awful.

me: yeah. men in general are sexist. oh dear, i fear that i may have just been caught red-handed with feminist tendencies. i blame it on my gender circumstance... which seems understandable, considering the fact that that particular ordeal has always been out of my control.

k.g.c.: i'd say i'm somewhat of a feminist, but then again, i'm falling into a social construct by becoming a teacher. you suck, constructs!

m: in that case, i, too, am doomed. yeah, what did we ever do to you, society?!

miss jane,
we will fight off your toughest oppressors tooth and nail, because we love you just that much.

...and might i mention,
we have text message conversations about social constructs and feminism. other conversations via the cell phone include nationalism, other issues with english lit, and progress in western civilization... but on reeeeally good days [fridays mostly], we reference rebecca black and mindless youtube videos. talk about being well rounded...