July 31, 2010

facts that are just as fun as they would be on a friday.

so it's 12 a.m. on saturday morning. aka. it's not friday anymore. but it's alright. because i can do whatever i want.

and what i want is some fun facts.
...good thing we can all pretend it's friday.

1. grapes. glorious grapes.
thank goodness for them. in all forms, they are life enriching.

a: grapes. the fruit. obviously. plump, succulent, circular, and mouth watering. need i go further?
b: hello. grape laffy taffy. no contest between any of the other flavors. when it comes to tangy and sweet, grape laffy taffy just can't be beat. {see what i did there? ;)} grape takes the cake. just like that last phrase was an internal rhyme. i mean, whatever.
c: people say all the time how wine does wonders for your heart. i'll never experience those wonders because of a little thing i like to call the WOW factor, which is in this rare case, better... much better than any wine a grape can make. but that's my choice to make. join me, or think that it's just another reason grapes are great. another internal rhyme. just sayin.
d: grape jelly. when it comes to the best preserves in these here parts, grape jam has my heart.
please excuse the rhyming. apparently i'm a poet today. and not a very good one, mind you. never sacrifice a word for the rhyme!
e: you can freeze them.
my lanta. this has been my addiction lately. frozen grapes. hollar.

alright, alright. moving on.

2. a new razor.
now who could argue with that one.
i dig the just shaved feel.

3. steam shower.
i can tell we see eye to eye with this one.

4. naps.
you name it, i'll nap it.
with a baby? check.
in a freezing room like the one i'm occupying currently? check.
on a boat? check.
couch? check.
car? this happens too often to not check. so check.
on an airplane? ugh... but check.
in the grass? freakin check.

i love some good nap time.
call me 3 years old if you must.

5. i hate cantaloupe.
it's revolting.

6. watching the travel channel all day every day will one day turn me into a vegetable.
i can't count the number of useless programs i watch. today, i watched the history of cheese. from south america to switzerland. a few weeks ago, the world's largest swimming pool was featured. i know just about everything there is to know about it. it's in chile. and it's 1,000 yards long. oh you know, just useless info that my brain would rather store than the quadratic equation. whatever. sam brown? my idol. anthony bourdain? love him. andrew zimmern? bizarre, but who can blame a guy whose character is based solely on the title of his hit tv show?

peel me away from the t squared fast...

7. i can't pick just one favorite time in history. i'd have to say... from the french revolution to the mid 1800's. in my language, that's from neoclassics, to the impressionists. you know. jaques louis david, to claude monet? i'm not impressing anyone here...

8. never will i get tired of national treasure. that movie is crazy, and terribly historically incorrect, but it's entertaining. and i love it. so lay off.

9. my name was almost holly. holly nicole.

10. i love red lipstick. i do.

well. there you go. some fun facts to count on a friday, yet... you're reading them on a saturday. i hope they stay just as fun. :)

happy weekend.

July 28, 2010

sytycd. jump the plank jose.

ahh.. yet another week of dancing fantasma. and here's what a think about that:

-jose. enough said.
-no cat. you can't do it. period. it's not just the heals. you. will never. be able. to dance.
-cha cha to this song? can't wait.
-it felt kinda weird...
-crunchy, mia? probably not the best adjective to use...
-yeah kent! way to stick it to the man! {by man, clearly i mean mia michaels. you know you were thinking the same thing.}
-i feel like this stacey tookey is going to rock my world.
-but it didn't. lame.
-kaaay... they did not "kill it".
-i'll tell you what i've got to say about jose...
-atecheke. everyone's like a brother to you. you're a brother.
-hm. this b-boy routine looks familiar.
-cat cackle count: 3
-if you vote for that b-boy tonight, wait'll you see what i'm going to do to you.
-dear cat, the little mermaid called. she wants her rope and towel back.
-diorio's the worst.
-the head bobs? i'm sorry. are we pigeons now?
-must we always keep clothing from atecheke?
-ew mia. stop rashing. it's grossing me out. why would she say that over live television!?
-that's right t-diorio. pat yourself on the back.
-lauren is hilarious.
-of course jose gets something he is good at. because the world hates me and jose wins the entire thing. let's hope i'm wrong.
-"back in his 'Comfort' zone." that cat deeley says something punny every episode.
-that was terrible, jose.
-and this is why kent should win.
-and marry me.
-yeah! you tell them girl! you GO lauren!
-i'm bored.
-dear dance religion popes, aka judges: stop. trying. to steal. the show.
-i looooove me some robert!
-that mr. az song? uh-mayzing.
-atecheke=no sleeves.
-i thought we got rid of ade last season. along with the cancer dance..
-anyone else curious? why do they always give billy the double male dances? interesting...
-great song.
-hence. the reason that jose should have gone last week. bill is too good.
-that's not all that hit you mia. by your hair, i know that you've been hit by a car wash.
-i've been spelling it wrong this whole time... how embarrassing.
-most awkward stance ever.
-obviously i'll root for kent. jose is disgusting.
-"ohhh. he's terrible." -ben. "yeppp." -me.
-cat cackle count: 4
-wow, adam. you've truly out-gayed yourself.
-leave his face alone you big dumb idiot.
-this feels like a breaking point.. jose's slowly losing his grasp.. hallelujiah!!
-it wouldn't matter who jose had been paired with. he would have always looked like the underdog. just sayin.
-beyonce should never have sung this song. mostly because there isn't a word that you can understand.
-a woman named france should never be trusted.

results are awaiting... goodbye b-boy.

jackets with the big buttons.

i'm not the biggest fan of twice a day blogging, but it has recently become the 28th.
so i figure i'm allowed.

spending the week in pc with that big fam that i love. it's great. they're great.
there are a million and two children running around. or maybe just 5 and a half. but nevertheless. there's chaos all around. and i am in love with it.

little ones. smiles all around.

anniversary love birds. familia uno!

familia numero dos.
with oliver love.
i love.

but i've been a little itchy lately.

it's becoming that time where the summer is cooling down. no, not literally. it's still 99 degrees when i look at the car thermometer, mind you... but it's cooling down in the activities and accessories that make the activities that much more fun department.

-vacations are done. {as of this coming saturday... :( no europe this year. boo hoo. i'm a spoiled brat}
-no more hotels.
-no more clean white towels and a bed full of fluffy white linens to sleep in after a hard day's play.
-i'll have to say goodbye to that fresh frozen lemonade from the hdos that i adore. {what will i survive on to feed my thirsting needs this fall? ideas?}
-my family goes back to their lives until the next july reunion.
-sytycd will wrap up whatever they've got going on this season {go kent!}
-i'll have to stop spending money on movies, dinner parties, and baja blast. kill me now.
-goodbye snowshack.
-goodbye car.

but like i said, i'm itchy. and while all of these things are hibernating for the season, i keep on reminding myself that i most certainly am not.

is it fall yet?
i'm currently in the waiting stage.

-the anticipation of a gold and crimson colored drive up to school simply unstitches me.
-the thought of cinnamon pumpkin tainted air. period.
-back to school sales.
-i need new tights. patterned tights. because tights are autumn things. and i like autumn. and tights. ohh the tights supply to come.. patterned tights makes me terribly happy. {that was for you taza}
-pumpkin choco chip cookies.
-witch hat cookies.
-and also any cookies.
-baking said cookies in my new logan home.
-new school binders and clean sheets of college ruled paper to turn.
-new mechanical pencils.
-organization goals that i'm determined to keep. though i know that's not in the cards for me.
-the joy of sitting a haunted house out. please don't ask me to go. because i won't.
-halloween costumes on sale at every store.
-JACKETS with big buttons. mm.. the possibilities.
-leaves that crunch when you step on them.
-caramel apples. even when i've had my fair share this summer between sun valley and pc. if you remember nothing from this post remember this: you can never eat too many carmel apples.
-learning more words. with each season comes a whole new slew of words. thank goodness. because words get old. {and that was for you. kelsey g.c.}
-general conference. ahh bliss.
-sour cream apple pie. big name. big possibilities. tina turner, out. {also for you, kelsey g.c.} don't hate the flave until you've tried it.
-my growing up segment. you know. fall. the part where i grow up.
-rain and crunchy mountain air that i can almost bite. ohh how i love my utah. :)
-jack-o-lanterns that turn into cornucopias come november 1st.
-being thankful.
-being warm.
-families that come together to eat an oversized chunk of american heritage because they're glad they have each other.
-macey's parade.
-snow. lovely snow.
-early christmas decor.

...sorry. i'm getting ahead of myself. let's address the moral of the post. summer is playing its fadeout right about now.

and this is what i have to say about that:

dear summer,
i'm glad you came. i needed to graduate. i had fun. you've been warm. only rained twice so far. so that was good. you're a good time girl, but i am now cheering on the next contender in the fight to win my love. talk to you in a year.
love, court.

bring on the apple bobbing.

July 27, 2010

in the city of parks.

if you need me, i'm at this place.


July 22, 2010

so jose thinks he can dance, but he can't. he must be destroyed...

results. this pressure is too much.

-billy is in danger. ugh. i swear...
-aw, cat! you look cutsie tonight!
-kent... hello, beautiful.
-"twitch stepped in... to help you 'step...'" clever, cat. clever.
-k hi. obviously kent and lauren are safe.
-could that ballerina be any bendier?
-atecheke. robert. jose. ahh...
-robert. you're pretty too.
-holy. that dude is muscly.
-we just want the results people... quit it with the fillers.
-bring back wade robson. :)
-third time's a charm with the witch cackle cat...
-hahaha dance for their lives. good one.
-someone remind me why robert is in the bottom three again?
-oh, what a surprise. jose does a b-boy routine.
-no, kitty. jose is not a cutie-pie.
-yeahhh.. i fast forwarded through the enrique number.
-robert? jose IS growing?! wtf?? who is running this show?!
-dear jose. sacrifice yourself for the greater good. walk off. or get injured. whichever you prefer.
-why is everyone so happy about this? am i the only one that understands that jose needs to leave?
-i would pay good money to say cat deeley and her lanky bod dance next week.

what an upsetting week of sytycd.

i'm hating this.

wait a minute... who thinks who can dance? billy. for my sanity. do not leave before jose.

alex was cool and all, but come on people. set your own trends.

stop. injuring. yourselves.

it's getting ridiculous.

here's what's going down tomorrow: billy will be in the bottom three... because he couldn't take it like a man, and thanks to his not-so-original idea to fake a fad, jose will be here yet again next week. what the.

-please just choose a winner before the whole cast is killed off.
-mia, please say things that the general public can understand. we don't like the sound of your voice as much as you do.
-kent. i'm in love with you.
-twitch. in the step dance, were those random yells necessary?
-also in the step dance... were those cardigans necessary?
-jose. please just leave.
-ohhhh adam shankman. the gold chains around the neck aren't working for you.
-cat. WHAT are you wearing.
-i hate pasadoble...
-sonya, you've really outdone yourself this time.
-what was this matador dance atecheke and jose had going on... it was freakin bizarre. never again SYTYCD... for both of our sakes...
-enough with the butt.
-cheke and comfort? do you really need to CRY? like for real?
-hello, seduction?
-i miss alex. :(

prediction? top few. lauren, kent, and robert.
kent. please let's get married.

probably the least authoritative human being on the subject,

July 19, 2010

and then he went to russia.

Just when you think it can't get weirder, the world throws a bizarre "you're an idiot, and i'm here to tell you to expect the unexpected" kind of curve ball.

Hello, reality. It's nice of you to introduce yourself in a way that I never saw coming.
Come on in and make yourself at home.

So I guess for the next two years, I'll be writing letters to Russia.
That's right.

I have to say... I held my own. I kept it together for the most part. I was a little bit teary eyed, I have to admit. But I kept myself all glued up.
Until I got down the street.
The music was off. I was silent. And then I started thinking.

Note to self: Never do such a wretched thing.

Salt water cleared my eyes like a full house and a flashing fire alarm.

Austin Daw will serve the Lord in Vladivostok, Russia for the next two years.

It's a wonderful thing. And though it's hard to grasp the idea of your best friend being so far away, I know it's where he needs to be, and I've never been happier for him.

I remember and can't forget:

-how Miss and I spent the afternoon with Austin in Deseret Book with scarves around our heads,
and waited for his missionary scriptures to be finished. Gold writing and all.
-the multiple times we'd all eat sushi together at Shogun.
-we all spent a Friday night in the football stadium with interesting giant blow up toys.
-watching Grey's Anatomy in my basement for hours at a time when I had Mono.
(We won't show those horrendous pictures...)

-how Prom couldn't have possibly been more fun. Cold Duck.
-when we went to Morp with Ray and Carter dressed as classy country club Tennis players, Richard and Regina Kensington.
-we wrote lyrics to a song in AP US History. Which looking back on, probably wasn't smart. Considering I didn't pass that test.

He's a grown up now, and it's a little weird. Because that means I have to turn into one of those soon too.

So the moral of the story is this.

Dear Reality:
Next time you hit me with something like this, be a little more gentle.
Love, Court.

July 16, 2010

fun. fact. friday.

I know, I know. You missed Fun Fact Friday. Or didn't you? Last time that I posted an edition of this lovely tradition, it was all about the glorious world of art. Art, art, art. It's my life, what can I say? But! Have no fear. Tonight is different. Fun Fact Friday has spunk tonight. Because hello. It's Fun Fact Friday. Hence. The "Fun".

1. I'm not a card game player.
Call me lame. Call me distracted. A.D.D. Whatever. I don't play card games well. Trust me. You don't wanna play.
2. I'm not attracted to Zach Effron.
Don't hate me.
3. Though there's been controversy on the matter, yes. I am allergic to Avocados. Please don't try to sneak pieces of them into my sushi, or give me a facial scrub made up of only the mashed green substance. I will break out on my neck with small splotches of red. And they itch. I promise. I'm allergic.
4. If you're not going to do anything productive in Europe, please don't come back until you have. No one wants to hear about your stories of how you got wasted in Rome and spent the rest of your nights in your hotel room. Just stay there with the Italians. We're better off without you if you can go to a city full of rich culture and not understand the concept of an aqueduct.
5. I have a love for the song Ave Maria.
6. I am fascinated by road kill. It's a little weird, and a little Morticia Adams of me, but I cannot tell a lie. If I see it peripheral, I'll double take 98% of the time. That's something that you can count on.
7. I boycotted Brangelina.
I'm totally Team Jen.
8. There's nothing worse than the sound of ripping newspaper. The very thought of it makes me cringe.
9. If I could meet one celebrity, it would have to be Joseph Gordon-Levitt. What can I say? We've had a thing for a few years... In Angels in the Outfield, we began a friendly relationship. It evolved once we both grew up into teenagers. In 10 Things I Hate About You, I drooled over his sensitivity and bilingual skills. One year ago, I realized that I was in love. In 500 Days of Summer, his heart broke, and mine broke for him. I just haven't ever been able to get up the courage to tell him how I feel. Maybe one day...
10. I would rather ski than swim. Give me boots and a scarf over flip-flops and a suntan. Hot Cocoa before an Otter Pop, and Christmas rather than Independence Day. See where I'm going with this? Winter and I, we're best friends. Because I'm a Snowfall kind of girl.

Thanks for joining me on what should be a more happening occurrence. See you next week for Fun Fact Friday!

July 14, 2010

because I'm taking your advice. have a good future.

Listen, I'd love to let you in on all of the secrets that swim through my thoughts on a mission to disrupt my progress. But that would mean laying my cards out on the table. And I hate card games. I'm not one for saying what I mean. If I were, you could read me like a low level book...so feel free to misconstrue what I say next.
It's interesting being here. I feel like an interesting person. I'm in Logan... again. And I love it here. I love the atmosphere, the people, the thought of me one day being a big girl. I love it all. Interesting. The best word I can think of right now. Granted, that might be because it's only four minutes from striking 1 AM, but then again, I have been known for my late night thinking skills. So that too is interesting.
Why do I feel good here? Why do I feel like it's the place for me? Beats me. No. Like almost quite literally. I am bewildered by the concept. It would have been about eight times easier to go to college twenty minutes from home. Why didn't I? I'd shrug my shoulders in confusion if there were any people looking at me. I have no idea whatsoever. But I love it. Because I feel...interesting. In a good way.
I feel like I haven't felt since Michael Phelps outstretched his arms in the 2008 summer Olympics, revealing quite the wingspan.
I feel shiny and brand new like a green car in the August heat.
Like a fresh bowl of raspberry sherbet ice cream with hardened gummy bears and more than one spoon.
Like I never wrote a single thing about the way I felt because I'd never felt that way before.
I finally feel like I don't remember the smell of Curve, or the offbeat of Pineapple Rag.
Because being so far away makes me feel safe, like I don't ever have to remember those things that force my memory to be cruel. And it's new to me.
So I feel interesting.

July 5, 2010


It's funny. Because I usually don't feel like this. I am stressin. Do you ever feel like "get the heck away from me" is all that you want to say to the world? Totally felt it today. First work. Work on a Sunday. For real? I DETEST working on Sundays. Dear everyone that says that not going to church has no effect: I can prove you completely wrong. I feel like when I have to work on a Sunday, something is taken away from me that I miss the rest of the week, and I know that that sounds like something out of a young women's manual about a little girl named "Keiko" or some other weird name, but it's true. I seriously have grown to love my Sundays. I love going to church every Sunday and feeling that I'm in a place that I'm positive is the right place to be, but also, I love seeing people that want to see me. I love it... and without being able to go to church, I feel like something has been robbed from my week. I'm more irritable if I don't go to church. That's for sure. It's the worst. The mall was crazy today. And by crazy, I mean there were people that asked me for ice cream cones all day. That would be fine and all... if I sold ice cream cones. I have approximately 5 items on my menu. Come on people. Read it. Please. For your sake, and mine. Let's just say that my Sunday would have gone a whole lot smoother had I been able to have a full fast and sit through three hours of church. Something that I couldn't sit still through as a little girl.

All in all, my fourth of July weekend was a hit. I chilled with Carrie and the gang Saturday night, (And by Carrie, I mean... Underwood) she was fabulous. As she always is. Because I'm kind of a regular at her concerts. I don't think there's ever been a bigger fan. I can't complain really. I have no reason to. But next week, things will be better. I get to go about doing my Sunday activities in a usual manor! :)