October 27, 2010

and hearts too big to fit our bed. (but except hearts too small to be friends with that kid that pulled the fire alarm.)

sometimes i think about how yesterday was perfect.
minus alien class.

...but that's not important. it's not like i was able to listen anyways.

i'm feeling quite under the weather since i endured the evening quite literally under the weather.
hail, rain, snow and all.
because i am not a fair weather fan!
i am an ingrid fan.
hard core.

i just want to brag and say that we were second row. and it was breathtaking.
i know how lame that sounds, and i don't care. because when ingrid sings, i get chills all over.
it's almost like breathing again.
oh wait, no. that's sara b.
aka where i'll be november 17. :)

but back to my point.

last night was one of those nights where i thought of how happy life can be.
when it's snowing outside, and i mean slc snowing. the best kind!
and ingrid is singing six feet in front of my face.
i basked in this happiness all night. intoxicated by it you could say.
...until the fire alarm went off. at 2 a.m. and i had to zombie walk to the outside (how appropriate for the season...) with squinty night time eyes and all.
and six million people with the same face expressions did it too.
that's when the happiness ended.

i hated it so much. it's a good thing i got this picture. it wouldn't be worth it otherwise.

so maybe i played hookie today from school.
i'm sorry, mom.

October 22, 2010

we're all a little bit freaky. the sequal.

because i like to parade my qualifications for a freak show, i will admit to the following facts:

sometimes i have to tap my fingers five times on my thighs before i can get to sleep. it is weird.
i don't talk to people sometimes. just because i will say awkward things. and i'd rather just not.
i haven't kissed a boy in... a year and a half? should i be admitting that? eh. whatev...
i wash my hands before i go to bed without fail.
wait. is that weird? or does everyone else do that too...
alliteration is probably my favorite thing. ever. i'm a sucker for words with the same beginnings...
i have a thing for michael cera... a big thing. like he is my favorite. it would be cool if i knew why.
i like mr. cera so much that i have a poster of scott pilgrim hanging on my closet door.
i liked the movie scott pilgrim vs. the world. and it was about video games and other weird things.
i just think it is hilarious.
{check it out here. then don't judge me. just remember how we're friends.}

sometimes i'm freaky. and i know i'm not the only one.
so if you feel so inclined, how about you tell me why you're freaky too.
there's no use in hiding it homes.
your secret is safe with me.

October 20, 2010


it was a sad day.
a very very. sad day.

the boys are no more.

marc and derek, well.

they are dead.

rest in peace, mcdreamy and mcsteamy.
may you always be in my heart as my favorite mcteamy.

and that's all i have to say about that...

October 14, 2010

i love my church. my beautiful church.

some things are on my mind tonight, and i have to write them down somewhere. i have to get it off of my chest.

i am proud to be a member of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints.

it is the greatest thing in my life. just in case you were wondering.
i love that i know who i am, i know god's plan, and i try to follow him each day.
also i love that i knew these things as a 6 year old.
i love missionaries that make this world a better place, and i love the work that they do.
i love being able to stand up for what i don't just believe, but know.
i'm grateful for my knowledge of jesus christ, and my relationship with him.
my favorite thing in the world is that i can be with my family forever and ever.
and also that i get to go inside of that big, beautiful temple someday. which is in reality the happiest place on earth. i am convinced. :)
i'm proud of the other members that stand up for the church, even when it seems too hard.
i'm thankful for the priesthood and all that it does for me.
i don't know where i would be without the book of mormon. if you haven't read it, check into that. it is my favorite book... i think you would enjoy it too! :)

mostly i'm just happy to know that no matter what the adversary tries to do to bring my church down, it won't work. i know that. if you're not sure about it, ask me. and i'll tell you all of the things that i know. and i will say them with a sureness in my voice. this beautiful church makes me the most happy. there is no doubt in my mind that my church teaches truth.

that is all. :)

October 10, 2010

so i got tagged...

i feel so honored to be tagged in someone else's post! thanks court! love ya! ;)

1. What is your dream job and why?
being a curator for a museum like the met, or the louvre, musee d'orsay, the british museum etc. it is my dream to stan
d on the sidelines of some of the greatest works in all of the history of art and learn an relearn about them daily.
2. What is your all time favorite TV show or movie?
weirdly, i think it's that 70's show for my favorite t.v. show. there are a lot. but that 70's show can make me laugh no matter how many times i have seen the episode. i loooove it. my all time favorite movie is even harder. i'm going to have to say it's a tie between 500 days of summer, and my best friend's wedding. i guess i'm a sucker for an unhappy ending...
3. Where is your ideal place to l
easy. a tiny old house on a giant field of green grass that over looks the cliffs of moher in ireland. it would rain every single day and i could wear sweaters and rainboots forever.
4. What is your biggest pet peeve?
girls that can't control their hormones and flirt constantly. ew. just breathe. you'll get married. i promise.
5. What is the first thing you'd buy if you won a million dollars?
tights. all sorts of tights. and then probably a car... maybe in reverse order.
6. What is you're worst fear?
being buried alive in a graveyard to die... scary...
7. If you could be any celebrity who would you be?
zooey deschanel. she is really great.
8. Go to the 8th picture in your fourth album and tell me the story behind it!

little will...
i loooove this picture like nothing else in the whole world.
william andrew rose is my nephew.
so this was during the summer. we were shopping for hours and hours and got bored. our attention spans are most likely the exact same... this was in the makeup aisle. it was a very hot day in the middle of july and i loved it. william is my little buddy and i love his bright red hair. he is the cutest. it never ceases to amaze me that he is four years old, a little boy, and still wants to be my best friend whenever he sees me. i feel like we're attached at the hip when he comes into town. i love that little boy so much! :)

now it's time for some tagging of my own... :)

alex saxton.
megan sanders-smith.
caitlin craig... (yeah that's right. i tagged you. get to blogging caity caity shady lady!)
maddie air-boss.
marissa lynne miller.

1. what is your absolute favorite line from a movie?
2. what is your favorite halloween tradition?
3. what is your favorite seasonal clothing to wear and why?
4. what is your favorite part about weddings?
5. at what point in your day do you find yourself the most exhausted?
6. in all seriousness, what could you just honestly not live without?
7. if you could be anyone in the world, this century or before, who would you choose to be?
8. what is your favorite way to unwind from a completely ridiculous day full of chaos?

October 3, 2010

the anticdote to my unhealthy school filled life and how the weekend healed me.

cleaning checks.
hot room.
hot house for that matter.
dang that heater...
missing mother.
missing sister.
wish i had no school.
hating people.
which i shouldn't do.
but it's too hard.
occasionally hating life.
but not very often.
need new music.
can't wait for ingrid.
and sara.
hate the voices.
and the noise.
like people practicing brass instruments in the hall.
who does that...
i hate the comments.
among other things...

but what a lovely little weekend. :)

i had a mom.
and a sister.
and lots of other sisters.
shopped at target.
swam in my pool.
cuddled with my kitty.
loved seeing densley.
and haley.
bought sweater tights.
grocery shopped in my mom's storage room.
missed my dad.
played wedding games.
stayed far away from friends.
had some family love.

and now i feel healed.

how was your weekend? lovely? let's hope so. :)

while i'm thinking of it...
here's to one day...
when i'll be cleaning up a sunday dinner made for lots more than a loner, and planning out my meals for the next week.
when i'm not in a dorm, but a fixer-upper in progress. rickety boards and faded white wood.
when i've traded in roommates for a husband. that's weird.
when i have money to shop at target.
when i have way more pairs of tights than i'll ever need. wait. not possible.
when i have more tights.
when i'm graduated.
when i don't have to walk up three flights of stairs to get to my twin bed.
when i don't have a twin bed.
when i don't have a cracked iphone.
when i have experienced florence.
when i study art at the met.
when i'm actually who i'm thinking about right now.

here's to that one day in the far off future.

happy sunday. :)