January 25, 2011

round two.

two down, two to go.

sunday night, i had to say goodbye again.
which was. a nightmare.
a tearful nightmare, complete with flashback memories for the drive home.
...which led to more sobbing.

i just hate goodbyes.

which is so cliche and over said... but it wouldn't be the aforementioned things if it wasn't true.
goodbyes can suck it.

elder carter monson was called serve in the leon mexico mission. he leaves tomorrow, and it has already been an annoying fact to come to terms with. but i'm getting there.

things i will miss:
-consistent monday morning text messages reading, "miss ya, court!"
-always having someone that wants to hang out with me on weekends that i come home.
-having a friend who will do absolutely anything with me--lame, or not.
-dance parties in his basement...what?
-random insults that are hilarious.
-face melting!
-sushi at shogun...
-having a grey's anatomy buddy always.
-how he took me to two high school dances, one of which he took me... despite the fact that i had been sick in bed with mono for three weeks. as if that weren't enough, i asked him to take me home at 10:30 to leave him to fend for himself the remainder of the night, for my sick body had had enough. and i left him dateless. talk about a good friend... even i would have hated me...
-there were approximately 4 people interested in keeping me company during those long three weeks of solitary confinement, or said mono. carter was one of them. bless his little heart. almost every day after school got over, carter and austin would knock on my door and watch movies with me for hours. because. ya know. i couldn't do anything else.
-i will definitely miss having a friend that takes all of my crap. "carter. i'm thirsty..." "carter, you were the last one up... turn off the light?" "i left my phone on the counter... carter?" or when the doorbell rings... "carter... i just sat down." to that, he would reply, "okay. but i'm doing it because i want to. not because you forced me." worked like a charm... every time.
-paying for carter on dates that you ask him on... he always tries to slip a twenty in your pocket when you're not looking, or he says, "i'll pay you back. i swear." then you have to explain how you're taking him on a date. sometimes it's okay for girls to pay. he doesn't seem to grasp that concept. whoever said chivalry was dead didn't know carter monson.
-mixed swears. ;)
-early morning seminary... ugh.
-how mckenzie's dog managed to urinate on both of us... simultaneously.
-scream singing a drop in the ocean. the world's most depressing, and worst song ever written.
-how he knew all of the words to evacuate the dance floor not even two days after it made its debut on public radio.

aaaand things i'm looking forward to:
-sending letters, emails, packages, the works!
-hearing all of those mexican stories.
-hearing him speak spanish... a.p. spanish ya'll. he's got it in the bag....
-the day that my best friends all return home as awkward, sweet, OLD boys!

i'll miss you cart! good luck, and do some good now. love you!
love, your best friend

next month get ready for round 3... keeeel me now.

January 24, 2011

it's chocolate. and it crunches. ew.

to my husband...whoever you may be:

the following statements are allowed for you to know because you're really handsome probably.

little do you know, i'm a germaphobe; i am constantly washing my hands.
and i hate magic shell on my ice cream.

that's all.


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January 21, 2011

but i am a good girl.

i didn't need it.
but i indulged in a little bit of retail therapy today.
because it was friday and i do what i want on fridays.

all for 30$ ya'll.

i set myself down on the carpet and pulled out the travel books in barnes & noble.
which just so happens to be my favorite store.
it was the loveliest of all afternoons.

tonight, i had a little movie date with my mom. and she fell in love with burlesque like i did. but she'd never tell you that. so don't tell her i told you so...

what a happy day.

this is why we love friday around here.

p.s. i'm obsessed with this. ohhhh and this song, too.
okay. carry on.

speaking of ecstasy.

it is friday today.
which is great.
and the week was too.
and i am home. yet again.

this morning, i was reading my usuals... you know. rockstar diaries, nienie, wild and wily ways, graphic fairy... and i came across another usual. which was hilarious today. seriously.

well, i thought it was. see what i mean here.
the comparison kills me.
ohhh and consider this my piece of the day.

kenz and i spent the night in provo last night. it was fun to see our best friends, kelsey and haley, again. i miss them so much, and i don't realize it when my plate is full of school work and other things. best friends are great. especially mine. we ate at that pizza place in provo... {i know you know the one i'm thinking of} and had cougar ice cream. which isn't as good as aggie ice cream, i'll tell you that much. we visited a friend working at the book store and then i knocked on seven different doors at wyview to find the door of this kid. who wasn't even home. you can imagine my disappointment. the library steals the best of us i guess. but i saw him with his headphones in on the side of the road this morning. and obviously it brightened up my day. {miss you matt!}

in other news, byu's art museum is still hosting the carl bloch exhibition... and i'm going!

and let me tell you. his work. is. beautiful. i am so excited! i happen to think that it is very caravaggisti. which i also love. so that's the end of that story. check it out if you get the time. or even if you have to make time for it. check it.

{hope your weekend is filled with wonderful.}

January 18, 2011

ruby tuesday.

it's like this.

if i had a wish today, i would wish to be a fly on the wall at the mtc.
and i don't care if you think that's lame.
because i think you're lame.

today i got a weekly email from the elder.
it was his best one yet! he sounds so happy, which makes me double happy to read it!

he talked about an experience he had at a devotional last week where elder holland came and spoke to the missionaries. the things he had to say about that devotional just put a smile on my face. he said that elder holland challenged all of the missionaries to stand taller, be bolder, be better, and study harder. isn't that what we all should do? it's so nice to get little reminders weekly that i should be better about doing the things that sometimes i feel are put on the back burner of the seemingly pathetic life that i live. for instance, reading my scriptures. is it really that hard? no. saying my prayers... on my knees. {not in my bed as an afterthought...} paying my tithing. harder than it seems, folks. i just wish that i could be there, studying right alongside those sweet elders, becoming better, bolder, and stronger. it always sounds better than doing homework until the early hours of morning and making the cold trek to a droning class every day.

and aside from that elder, i got a letter in the mail from a different one... whose letter i sent in september. which he got in november. which he sent five days later. which got to me today. so that was a little weird... but fun to get a letter from the past! now i want one from the future. wouldn't that be cool?

still, today i want to be a fly on the wall.
and that's my wish of the day.

so here's to you. all of you pre-elders. you're the luckiest people in the world. don't you forget that. because there are nineteen year old girls back here in your soon-to-be old life that are green with envy.

here's the rest...
you know. that part where i update you on my not-so-fascinating life.

-i bought my weight in art supplies yesterday. because yes. i am an involved participant of the art world. you're so jealous.
-i have completely shunned soda pop. that in and of itself deserves to be recognized. thank goodness for finally feeling healthy again.
-i just wish i could keep my mom in my pocket all of the time. because i call her for unnecessary things. and also i miss her.
-it's still time for a trip. ...113 days and counting. {i can count them if i want to. it's my blog.}
-this semester will be fun. challenging, testing my creative brain constantly, but fun.
-i can feel myself about to juggle five hundred different art projects, assignments, papers, and quizzes. which leads me to...

piece of the day! this piece of the day thing is a great idea i had.
sorry. but it was.

i'm dancing as fast as i can, miriam schapiro.

i really love this one.
the title alone says it all. miriam schapiro uses the best titles. they're so... obvious.
other titles include mary cassatt and me {a title given to a mary cassatt painting inside of a painting done by schapiro} and another one of my favorites, my fan is a half circle which depicts a woman holding, well... a fan in the shape of a half circle. would you expect anything else?

{have the happiest of all tuesdays. or wednesdays. depending on when you're reading...}

January 16, 2011

little love letters.

i just think this is charming.

i don't know about you... but i have a book dedicated to little letters much the same as these. because again. i think they're charming.
and you don't have to if you don't want. but just let me keep on thinking that they're wonderful.

i just thought i'd share this little lovely with you.

{happy sabbath.}

January 14, 2011

we'd spend our days traveling.

this morning, i woke up in cork, ireland.
yes. that's right.


this is my favorite place in the world. in case you are ever faced with a life and death situation, and the only way you can survive is by answering a question about my favorite place. it's here. in cork.

i just saved your life.

i haven't been here yet. but come the third week in may, this is where i'll reeeeally be.
in ireland and england.
i just can't get my mind off of traveling right now.
and the fact that i still have four months of waiting to do.

who am i kidding. can i ever get my mind off of that? it's me we're talking about here.
it might be that i have to go to school in a few hours and green scenery trumps biology any day.
plus it's like. no degrees outside.
k but literally....

and it doesn't help when you need new music and no one to give it to you.

oh. and today, i miss high school.
because of the reasons below, explained in the picture.
kenzie bee and my favorite boys.

ugh. growing up is hard to do...

sorry. i'm not feeling so profound in the writing department lately.
maybe i'll get my mojo back when all of these memory lane blues go away.

on the plus side, it's friday!
and i get to go home today. to my parents, sister, and all of my favorite friends.

{have a happy little weekend.}

January 13, 2011

mrs. somebody. darcy or the latter.

my mind is here right now. so i can't talk to you.

look familiar now?

please don't try to contact me right now.
i took a quick trip.
i'm out of the country.
i find myself doing this from time to time subconsciously.
i get on google and just look at pictures of different places around the world for hours at a time...

so today i went to groomsbridge.
be back soon.

while we're on the subject...
kind of...
i just want to throw in my piece of the day.
which is mrs. richard brinsley sheridan by thomas gainsborough

why can't life be as simple as a rococo painting?
i kind of just want to be this mrs.

January 11, 2011

it's a kandinsky kind of day.

who am i to say that i hate school?
good news! i don't.
especially this semester...

yesterday i attended my first museum studies class. which i'm currently obsessed with. could there be a better class for me? i submit, there cannot be! with this class under my belt, i will be the tiniest bit closer to a museum studies certificate.
which will get my foot into that teeny door that opens up into the curating world!
you may not know this...
the curating field is a very competitive one.
months and months--years even on waiting lists just to volunteer at some of the world's best art museums.
but with a museum studies certificate by the time i graduate, and a degree in art history, i'm well on my way. :)

let us all sing praises to shortcuts like that.

besides that....
history of interior design is great. reeeeally great.
and i have my sister-in-law to thank for that.
thanks for letting me take your place... and stealing your name for enrollment.
that's right folks. my teacher thinks i'm her and it's way funny.
i mean, we do share a name. so it's understandable.
but it's not a big deal considering that this class is the next best thing to art history.
ohhh wait. it's basically the exact same thing.
and i love it.
the instructor for the class talked about how he travels to
new york
and all of those mediocre places.
ohhhh my gosh KIDDING!
and i got chills just thinking about picking up, ditching school, and exploring the world some more.
no. NO!
can't think about that. must. finish. school.
which as previously mentioned is a new favorite thing of mine...

so now here's the part where i continue on with a new thing to do on this blog to keep me sane.

piece of the day:

this is logan today. zero degrees and all.
wassily kandinsky, winter.

hey miss. hate'cha!

January 7, 2011

its all gone away since the doldrum days came.

let me dedicate this post to my lovely friend slash band, wakey!wakey!.
{hence the title.}

first of all, let me just say...
ohhh i love you wakey!wakey!.
i love you lots and lots.
if you haven't heard of this guy before, you should go here.
the way he plays the piano makes me weak at the knees a little.
okay, a lot.
the title of the album...
almost everything i wish i'd said the last time i saw you.
i love it when real life and poetry clash.
like that title.
because everyone can relate. i can relate. can you?
it's a beautiful relation and i'm obsessed with it.

so back to the doldrums.

i feel like everything is like...
you know?
when the doldrums sink in and you can't rid yourself of them.
give me a break.
or take it away, rather.

i have been seeeeeriously dreading the termination of my lovely little christmas break.

but although i hate to admit it, i am a person of structure and schedule.
...along with any other "s" words that mean organized.
i think this whole, "i stay up until all hours of the morning and wake up at noon" thing has
got. to. stop.
i feel like doing nothing all day long.
i eat cereal in front of a movie every morning at around 1 p.m. and i can't take it anymore.
and besides the fact that i am a pathological hypochondriac, i keep thinking i'm sick.
but i'm not! i know i'm not!
i just need something to do, something to keep my mind off of aforementioned doldrums.

so in short, today was the first time in months that i have been happy to get back to logantown.
i reeeeally need to occupy my mind with anything.

this impressionist painting sums up my brain right now.
edouard manet and his avant-garde ways...
this girl in bar at the folies-bergere obviously has the doldrums.
in case you were wondering.

bless you, school.

and p.s. ...for the record, i think ryan reynolds is really handsome.
even more handsome than ashton kutcher.

yes. i just said that. me. i just said that.
i know. i couldn't believe it either. but i did.

{happy weekend!}

January 3, 2011

it is a truth universally acknowledged.

i have been reading lately.

because that's what i do.
alllll too often.

pride and prejudice is like nourishment to the hole inside of me that is starving.

i have read it before, liked it even. but never have i really understood it. for what it's worth, at least. if you haven't read it, get yourself down to barnes and noble pronto. skip your way down the aisle to the b&n classics shelf, and snag one of these 5$ paperbacks. you will love me for this. and if you don't, well. you just must not be cut out to be my friend.

just kidding. i still like you.

but anyway. back to this little story.

reading it before, it was just it. you know. when something is just there. but this time... different story. i'm not sure if it's because i'm older now, and more interested in it, or if it just consumed me this time in a way that nothing else has. literature seems to have that effect/affect {i have no clue which one to use. you probably don't either. because that homonym is sneaky. and it probably fools you too. but if it doesn't, you're famous.} on me.

do you ever feel like when you're reading, you're not in your living room anymore? that sounds laaaame. and cliche. but i'm serious. it's like when my mind is engaged in the afternoon activities at netherfield, i am no longer laying on my carpet, book in hand, flipping my ponytail. i'm a guest at the bingley manor in a big pastel dress and my gloves are made of lace.

mr. jack wickham, though i very well know the kind of person he is, in the beginning of the book i will admit that i, too fall pathetically into his hands. figuratively speaking of course...

before i get too wrapped up in this and keep myself up until too early in the morning talking about derbyshire, i believe i have made my point. literature just pumps breath into me in a way i can't explain to you until you breathe it in yourself.

screw this, i'm going to read.

January 2, 2011

time is of the essence. and goals are not for wusses.

one month mark, folks.

twenty three more months, friends.
this will be cake.

the letters are coming at a steady pace now. weekly even! {relatively.}
which keeps me sane, happy, and forces me to preserve whatever writing skills i have.
and having someone to answer to when my book of mormon reading has lacked is always a plus.
also known as when i become a slacker, the elder tells me what's up.
see also: courtney doesn't read scriptures on vacation, and gets scolded for it later.

boo me.

needless to say, hello new year equals i will get through alma if it's the last thing i do.
{don't you try and tell me that it's not the hardest and most daunting one to read. we'll all know you're faking it.}

so while i hope all of your goals will stay cuddly and warm inside of your head this year, i'm starting out slow.
one book and one month at a time.
chipping away at the 15 books, and making a large dent in 23 months.

good night, kids.

January 1, 2011

a new year to find it.

ever since happiness heard your name,
it has been running through the streets
trying to find you.


{happy new year.}