March 19, 2015


"Please pray for me as I attempt to conquer the world and graduate college." 
"Hurry up. Finish your degree and get back here."
"Only if you promise me more rainy Arlington Saturdays and Georgetown wanderings."
"I promise."

Answers the phone and greets me by name. Every time. Tells me to call after I watch the last episode of that show, but I get too scared that conversation will go too deep too fast, so I never do. Hates the word cogniscent because "does that word even have an actual definition?" (It does.) Appreciates the sunset from The Jefferson most.

I was so in love with my life last week.

March 11, 2015



Brb, headed to D.C. in the morning to tour by day and rule by night. Gonna take over the world with my best friend, Paige, and charm the hell out of a handsome man I once described as "sort of, I don't know, dad-ish." You know. Make him remember how brilliant/hilarious/adorable I am (he will). Don't you know that's what you do when you fly across the country for a person? (I'm learning to) make everything casual like "Oh, sure I'll come visit, but I don't know when I'll see you. But remember how hard I make you laugh? Remember Boston? Look at me! Talk to me! WORSHIP ME!" 

But anyway. Can't believe I'll be at the Washington Monument tomorrow night with good company and INSPO TO BOOT (Paige Anderson).

There are two goals: don't get lost on the Metro, and do whatever Olivia Pope would do (WWOPD).