February 28, 2011

February 24, 2011

a tag that's not from the FB vortex.

so i just got tagged. by my roommate. brookie brooke. which is good. because i have been totally missing fun fact fridays. and you probably have been too. since i just know you're so interested in all things me. and even though it's a wednesday night, cowboy up and deal with it. fun fact friday: wednesday edition. here we go, kids.

1. south america intimidates me. i would be conquering a large fear by going there.
2. camper? not me. i hate being dirty and stuff...?
3. i love to learn new words.
4. biting nails... although it's a habit that i struggle with myself, when other people do it, it drives me absolutely up the wall.
5. i reeeeally hate wearing dangly earrings, a trait i get from my mother.
6. it wouldn't be hard for me to eat and entire box of chips ahoy cookies in one sitting. in fact, i have done it on several different occasions.
7. the only books i buy can be found under the following categories: classic literature, art history, and travel.
8. when i was six years old, i bit open a glow stick and all of the glow juice came flooding into my mouth. then, my oldest and wisest brother michael tried to shove italian salad dressing down my throat to ease the pain. really?
9. sometimes i'm convinced that i'm having pregnancy cravings and morning sickness. but then i remember that that's impossible...
10. i loathe the movie charly.
11. i'm under the impression that leo decap was only attractive in one movie. that movie was titanic. and attractive is an understatement.
12. i cannot fall asleep without complete darkness. and sometimes that involves forcing a towel into the cracks of my bedroom door.
13. google translator is quickly becoming my funniest companion. {for some reason, i think it's hilarious to make those boys decode sentences that don't make sense.}
14. i buy new face wash about every three weeks. i think it's a sickness.
15. aaand a couple of times a day i have a lethargic missing moment where all i want is to be back in high school {with the friends that are long gone now}, staying out past the curfew that no longer exists, and failing math. i miss that lots and lots.

*ohh! bonus fact! i have a new niece! little taytum heather just couldn't be cuter... can't wait to meet her in two weeks! :)

tag you're it. which is not something i usually say. because it's cliche. but i don't usually rhyme either. so i guess weird things keep happening. probably due to the fact that it's 1:30 a.m.

15 facts about you, now!

1. kelsey g.c.
2. connor martin.
3. marissa miller.
4. court mo kearns.
5. kelsie mc-d.

February 21, 2011

and so i went and let you blow my mind.

there is a song that intoxicates you, forcing you into an allusive state that you just can't deny. i know there is. and it may not be this one for you, but yes... this train-blaring, overheard, top 5 on the charts, most downloaded song of 2010 does it to me. i can't listen, and refuse the memory of the first time i heard it. it's just not possible. i have tried many times to kick it out of my head, but at the end of the day i always end up surrendering, and am suddenly unwillingly {yet somehow always willing in the back of my mind} taken back one and a half novembers ago. my hair was in loose curls, and i had dressed myself in a beige sweater and cream pin striped vest; i wore off-white rosebud earrings that night. i can't remember a time that i laughed more. and even if i hate admitting it to myself, {and the w.w.w. for that matter} it is a guilty pleasure of mine--and i am in love with the way it takes me back. :)

{good night.}

February 18, 2011

люблю тебя старшим галку! быть безопасным!

it's official.
he's somewhere in vladivostok as we speak! it's six in the morning, on saturday february 19th over there. and maybe last night we met him at the airport for some video interviews before he departed... i don't know. maybe. best thirty minutes ever.

he hasn't changed one little bit, besides the way in which he inched away from me in this picture and refused to flash a thumbs up. he still laughs at us when we're probably not very funny, and puts up with us when we slip up and call him austin. {it's elder daw now, peeps.} he speaks very good russian--and fast too! his name tag is something i can't read, let alone pronounce, and his testimony is unshakable... but that's how it has always been anyway.

{ohhh and a big thanks to elder mccallon. what a trooper. he didn't even act annoyed of us. even though we were kind of obnoxious with our five thousand different cameras.}

я тебя люблю, старший галку!

February 17, 2011

i just love these boys. and you should too.

ta da!
here it is! the longgg awaited picture!
isn't it just the cutest thing you've ever seen? because i just think it is.
besides, the following caption was written from carter. i cracked up when i read it:

"this is my friend, elder austin daw. he is a total creep and his body makes absolutely no sense."

i'm glad to know that they're those same silly boys that they left as.

austin leaves today to embark on his great adventure to vladivostok! and i am just so gosh darn excited for him! look out world, because this kid is coming to make your life the happiest ever. however, i have to admit that i will shed a tear for the termination of my handwritten letters and decorated envelopes. i am a rock star pen pal, that's for sure. i guess there comes a time in everyone's life where they have to try their hand at a little dear eldering. my time is now. otherwise, it would take months and months to send a teeny-tiny, one page, non-enveloped letter to russia. and we can't have that now, can we.

{happy thursday!}

February 14, 2011

navy blue mattress for sale. ghetto metal bed frame included.

maybe it's because i live in a three bedroom, two bathroom apartment, and share it with four other girls.
maybe it's because my walls are stark white. along with every other fixture in my apartment.
maybe i hate that i can't burn candles or nail anything to the wall.

...or maybe it's because i'm desperate for bed... at this hour.
but these two pictures forced me to come unglued.

i would have no other choice but to read all day every day in this bed and never get up.

if you ever want to give me a really great birthday present... i need a branch bed.

February 12, 2011

i'll follow behind you on rainbow road.

don't be a player hater. hate the game.
except don't. because it was mario kart.
and it just may be beneficial for you to play this song as you continue.
it will help to fill the hole in your heart where N64 used to be.

r.i.p. classic gaming.
{and the video just cracks me up, too.}


tonight was the night we played everything under the sun,
and ate our weight in hot fudge sundays.

...and although it was maybe the most random and spontaneous night of my life, it will go down in history as one of my favorites.
because this kid is number four of four, peeps.
and when he leaves, i just don't know how i'll entertain myself when i come home for the weekend.

tonight i was stuck on some notes.
i needed help with a little piano project. i just could not find the right chords.
and matthew came to save the day. chicken pot pie in hand--he'd left mid dinner.
mr. matthew deemed my pathetic plea worthy of dropping everything and responding on my doorstep five minutes later, happy as a little clam.

so i'm really going to miss that in six months when i'll have to use my own ear {slowly decaying by the lack of "death by quartet" threats we used to get thrown at us daily...} and not play off of his keen sense of pitch... still fresh from orchestra, plus pure musical genius in his character.

but for now we will play jenga until the sprinklers come on, and try really hard not to think about that one day come summertime.

February 11, 2011

the day we spent at the kitchen counter.

this week has been one of champions.

starting with the fact that missy and i made valentines for 8 hours today.
count them, 8.
from the minute i got home from school at 2, until 10:00... making strawberry crepes in between.
we managed to cut through a mountain of construction paper...

...and finished off by delivering them door to door.
valentine's day is just my second favorite holiday.
so we get pretty absorbed by all of the festivities.

the book store was a treat this week.
which it rarely is.
yes, i do go in there on a daily basis and want to purchase everything, but it was never that great until we found these.

the above statement printed is the complete opposite of everything i know.
there is nothing hot about this place. it's a frozen tundra.

and then i just don't get this one at all...

aaaand for your information, i'll be spending my friday morning in these, reading jane austen.

{happy weekend!}

February 9, 2011

confessions of a travel connoisseur.

it might be the snow, the mountains reminiscent of the alps, or it could also just be that i'd rather be anywhere but here right now.

so today, i took a break for just some me time. i headed to salzburg for the day.

aside from wrought iron store signs and mozart, this exists in austria. so naturally i'm obsessed.

i'm convinced that it's the prettiest city in the whole world.

{happy wednesday.}

February 6, 2011

groundhog day is a joke. one to fill the void of one laaaame winter.

ohh the things. i can no longer do.

drink soda pop.
stay up past 2 a.m.
eat chicken without being paranoid.
actually, eat any meat without being paranoid.
eat sweets before bed.
lay down right after i eat.
wake up ridiculously late.
eat junk food.
drown myself in candy.
touch anything public and not wash my hands.
take reeeeally long afternoon naps.
have a red face without being positive that a fever is involved.
be around sick people.
breathe sick people air.
be away from my parents for more than two weeks.

alright, winter. it's time you exit now. i'm tired of being cooped up with all of these sick germs floating around. you know i love you.. a lot.. and couldn't wait for you to get here.. but you were a dud this year. and you have overstayed your welcome. come back later when you're ready to be best friends again.

...more of this

less of this...

p.s. spring...
i'll tolerate being alone on lover's holiday for one more year. but i swear... you'd better provide joseph gordon leavitt's equivalent come march.

February 3, 2011

"i should have ordered a blue spruce. at least they're lighter."

first of all...rediscovering this today just made me the happiest person ever. miss you, elder daw! congratulations on making it to the two month mark! proud of you, and sending your valentine package soon! :)

second of all.
"while you were sleeping" is currently occupying my television screen, and i am occasionally quoting it. even though i'm by myself in my bedroom. and do you want to know something? it makes me wish that my fake fiance {who is in a coma} could exist just so i could fall in love with his brother. that would be great. plus, i just think bill pullman is the cutest...even though he's my dad's age.

and also, it's thursday. my favorite day.

February 1, 2011

i didn't think i asked for their heads on a silver platter...

today was great.
until i thought i'd be proactive and pay a bill...
...which still wasn't even the worst part... a 35$ bill i can handle.
the idiots that run the over-the-phone customer service line, however...

they're a different story.

it's like they deliberately make paying your bill... your teeny tiny 35$ bill... the hardest thing in the universe.
give me a break.

i listened to robot voices tell me which buttons to push, what things to say, when to say them, etc. etc. etc.
then, i called a different number. which led to actual humans, richard and vanessa, who were actually the opposite of help. coming to me live, from new york city.

i think i repeated myself several times, getting angrier and angrier by the minute. {and showing it, i might add. the not-so-occasional flip in my tone grew louder and snottier by the second. in my defense, there's only so much psycho babble you can take after the twentieth minute.}

it's like, richard. vanessa. WHY DO YOU WORK FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

whoever hired that dynamic duo should be fired. pronto. along with dick and nessy.

and just so you know... those morons couldn't understand how to figure out a way for me to pay over the phone... even though it's in their job description... so now i have to send a payment all the way to florida. cool, guys.

again. idiots.

that's all.