May 23, 2010

Because I Said So...

I'm going to go ahead and dedicate this post to the best, and the worst movies that have ever graced or stained the screen. Let's get started with the movie in which this post is named after.

1. Worst:
Because I Said So.

Come on, Mandy Moore. You're better than this. You're better than fumbling between two mediocre John Doe actors. You're classier than Diane Keaton, and you deserve to be fed better lines from your supposed soul mate than, "I love that when I breathe you in, you smell of cake batter". You should be offended. Please deny the fact that you were ever even in this movie. You're too good for it.

2. BEST:
(500) Days of Summer.

It's hard to find a better movie. From the vintage costuming and witty one-liners, to The Smiths and real life scenarios, this movie glorifies what it's like to actually be human. I don't know what category I'd put it in. I'd probably say that the only fitting category could be when life sucks... which is fitting because everyone can relate. When you can relate to a movie, the movie has fulfilled its duty. Movies are made for the sole purpose of making the public feel a certain way about their own life; this movie does a very good job of making you feel okay about the crappiest things in your life.

3. Worst:

I wish Hollywood could just understand how much the general public actually hates their self indulgent, weird, twisted priority, and disgustingly raunchy subject matter. No real person wants a "Guido". Just some food for thought.

4. BEST:
Dan In Real Life.

Wow. This movie. Seriously. Such a great combination of comedic genius and serious content. I love it. Favorite line? I've got one.

Mitch: The first time that I saw Marie, I just thought that I would die. Because there was an angel in the room.
Cara: Are you and Marie in love?
Dan: This corn is like an angel.

How. HOW can you not be in love with this movie? Really. I want to know. It is so real. The things that happen to Dan are so realistic and relate able. It's in my top two.

Well there you have it. I am now an authority on movies. So feel free to ask me to reference some good ones. Just call me the Movie Guru. Because I said so.


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