May 15, 2010

Fun Fact Friday.

Well, it's Friday. And I'm still not asleep. Because I refuse to be asleep at a reasonable hour on a Friday night. Even if my eyes plead to shut down for the night. I'm still going strong. And blogging. Because I do that now apparently. So. It's Friday night. And oh is it fun! Why do we all love Fridays so much? Is it because we realize that life can slow down for a minute and a half? Do we only like them because if we reveal that if we don't really care about them, we take the risk of not being socially accepted? ...Okay. I'm going to take a shot in the dark and rule out the second. Probably not that. Maybe we like Fridays so much because it's one thing to look forward to in a monotonous life that we keep trudging through without any incentive. Maybe Friday is our incentive to get through six other days. Or maybe it's because Fridays mean my new tradition. Fun Fact Friday.

1. Boy do i hate rain on my windshield.

If people understood the hatred I possess for this stupid, traditionally beautiful thing, they would turn on their wipers a whole lot faster in the middle of a rain storm. Mom was driving today, and I kept reaching over and flipping on the wipers. She didn't like that too much.

2. I am the Vermeer.

To the general public, it just does not make sense. Who is Vermeer? And to that I say, Culture up buddy. Vermeer is one of my favorite painters ever. He paints interior scenes and portraits. He painted this portrait, Girl with the Pearl Earring, of what is thought to be his servant girl. Now. I love Vermeer for many reasons. His detail is phenomenal, and his people are so realistic, but I think what I love most about him, is that he loves to use pearls. Which are my favorite items of jewelery. I wear pearls. I wear nothing BUT pearls in fact. This makes me the Vermeer.

3. Jane Austen and a green landscape for two, please.
Old books? Love them. Old movies? Love them. Anything that brings me back to the time of Jane Austen, I'm in. You could bet. And win.

Well. It's now getting past a reasonable hour. And the lids on the top of my eyes are involuntarily giving out. Expect my Fun Fact Friday next week!

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  1. Courtney: YOU are so Adorable and I LOVE YOU! your blog fits you so well and i feel like this comment im about to leave is dumb and is like not personal like we arent very good friends! hahaha K well Love you!


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