December 21, 2010

affectionately... and in haste, jane.

i know.

the ending is nothing short of disappointing.
...though this scene is anything but.

i must say... miss austen is quite remarkable.

and sometimes i believe i am much the same as her. watching becoming jane this morning, i have noticed a few things that she does, (assuming of course that the characteristics of anne hathaway resemble something the same as the real jane) and thought to myself how i am much like her. i am embarrassed to admit that i am a stubborn as i am... but it is only the truth. her passion for the written word is something that i admire about her, as well as the beautiful naivety that she possesses. i am quite naive and know very little of the world, though i hope to change. i believe that she was a passionate woman with an intelligent mind, complete only with the highest imagination and sense of wonder... though "one way or another, passion makes fools of us all". i love the way she's kurt and rude; at times she says the wrong thing because her opinion forces her to. i just think she is wonderful.

let me rephrase that... i can only hope to be such a woman!

and ohhh. mr. lefroy... (but really mr. mcavoy) please express the same feelings to me behind the rose garden.

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