December 7, 2010

one more time with feeling.

here i am at the library doing this.

i am highly unpredictable.
just kidding.

it's almost like i like to torture myself. almost. it's not like that, but kind of.

okay. let me start over again.

lately, the only people that just understand me are regina and joshua r. they just do.
it would be perfect to go lie down in an empty field of cold, cold snow, look up at the bitter sky that somehow depresses the rest of the world, and just listen to my good friends regina and josh for forever.
and then once forever is over, austin will be home and we can make fun of each other again.

ohhh. is that why i'm writing?

no letters. no emails.

they'll come, i know they will... but i feel like he's been gone for six months already. and that cannot be a good sign. it has been one day short of a week.

let's all pray for me to get a letter.
thank you for your support.

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