August 5, 2013

YOLO. But for real. This is me saying YOLO.

I'm reluctant to say these things because there are so many people who I am close to and people who I'm not so close to who know me from high school, who read this blog, but I'm just going to say it anyway. And I'm going to own it. Because I've decided that's what I'm good at. I'm good at owning things. The other day, after I wrote that thing about being single and how bizarre it is, I felt a little bit about it. Like I should further explain myself.

Is being single bizarre? Do I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be getting married to the man of my dreams? Do I think about babies all around me and long to be the mother of such precious tiny humans? Of course.

But, I also remember how much fun it is to have no responsibilities. To die your hair porn-star blonde (okay, this one makes me sort of nervous, but it happened and like I said, I'm OWNING it) flirt shamelessly with everyone in the whole world, and to seek out ways to casually throw into the conversation "Remember that time you told me that I'm the only girl you've kissed in the Mustang and maybe we should do it again sometime."

I mean, I'm not married,
have never been married,
have nothing against being married,
married people,
or responsibility...

But I'm just saying,
I think I'll enjoy life a little bit longer if that's okay with everyone else.

Screw that.
Regardless of whether it's okay with anyone, I'm going to enjoy this little life of mine before it gets all serious and I have to be a grown up.
Because it's fun to wear short shorts, put on tacky perfume and make out with boys you have no intention of marrying.
Isn't that the elephant in the room? The one that our culture never really celebrates? Can we all just admit it right now?

And on that note, this.

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