August 22, 2013

You make my world funny.

My best days, nights, weekends, pity parties, and dance-dares involve you.

I love you no matter how many times you interrupt my sentences, 
no matter how many times you make me drive out to The District, 
no matter how many times you get after me for not being able to multitask...
I. Love. You. 
And if you ever forget that, Austin [Wyatt (haha)] Daw,
I'll force it into your head some more. 
With a knife (jk).
I love you for so many reasons, 
but mostly, I love you because you're pretty...
okay, no.
You are pretty, but I love you the most because you are you, the best friend I've ever had.
I couldn't bear to walk this scary earth without you, so thanks for sticking around for me. 

Love you, boiiiiii.

Love, love

WHAT is that picture, right?

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