May 9, 2014

Going to the chapel and we're gonna get ma-a-a-arried.

The first of us gets married tomorrow. Kelsey is marrying a stand up man with dreams of astrophysics and changing the environment one biodegradable piece of silverware at a time. I will never forget the sleepovers, middle of the night chocolate pudding on my kitchen floor, the summer skinny dipping, ex-boyfriend drives-by, the birthday breakfast kidnappings... none of it. I loved it all. 

I'm sleeping at Haley's house tonight. Haley is my oldest and very best friend. She seals the deal next month. We have been best friends ever since she moved into my sixth grade class. She was the nicest and coolest girl ever and everyone wanted to be her friend. In seventh grade, we made a painful student body officer campaign video that people spoke of for years. In high school, I watched her chase around a red head boy with an orange truck. In college, that same red head boy proposed and I watched her promise to love him for the rest of her life. 

 Tonight, as Haley and I were getting ready for bed, I found her wedding veil. I sort of just froze for a minute and stared.

Point is, the five of us have had a good amount of time to become someone without trying to mold ourselves to anyone else. I like that. We all sort of became different versions of each other, and I think it's sweet.

Gotta go. Kelsey thinks I'm going to be late to her event (yeah right) and I have my speculations that she told me a made up time just to ensure I wouldn't be. Whore. 


  1. ok, I might be seeing things... but is that Kenzie Barney on the far left?!?

    1. Hahaha yes! She is one of the five! How do you know her? Small world!

    2. No way!!! Haha she works with my mom at Anthro!

  2. Hahahaha I'd only lie to you about the time because I know you too well. P.S. Hugh laughed way hard when I told you your description of him. He said it's spot on.


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