August 11, 2014

A very lovely, average woman.


I had a very long talk with my mother last weekend. She told me that when it came to falling in love, she has always worried that I am too smart for my own good, direct quote. 

At first I was mildly offended, but soon realized that I'd rather be too smart than too much of anything else. If a man falls in love with my intellect before he falls in love with me... if it takes him several tries to figure me out and he has to think harder than a woman has made him think before, well, I don't know.

There's this Billy Joel song, Always a Woman to Me, that I've always loved.
In it, he praises the intricacies of a very average woman. 
My favorite stanza:

She's frequently kind
and she's suddenly cruel,
she can do as she pleases,
she's nobody's fool.

I hope that when you think of me, heaven forbid you fall in love with me, all of these things roll through your mind.

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