April 23, 2015


You know the girlfriend foil in all of those rom-coms you grew up watching? The one who slaps the heroine, forces her to pull it together and take back what's hers? 

I have one of those. It has taken me years, but I finally nailed one down. And you can't have her! 

Do you have a girlfriend who wants to pause the day on M Street in order to demand answers from a shady psychic in a dicey, dark parlor? And in the same day, that girlfriend also wants to spend thirty minutes dissecting a Degas on a cold gallery wall. Do you have that friend?! That's Paige! I am in love with her!

We spend hours in the upper loft of a pizza shop with Diet Coke, talking family ties near an open window on an early spring evening. Watch the world buzz below us on the busy street because it's Saturday. We talk lipstick and metaphor. Ambitious men in fitted suits. Cheap dates and cheese plates. 

I can't explain it--I wish I could--but our friendship arrived just when we both needed it. I am very grateful for her.

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