April 13, 2015

Something cool.

You've missed a lot because I haven't been writing. Well, I have, but my actions are the opposite of well-thought-out and I have no excuse for them. Decided I shouldn't paste them to the interwebs until they've been tweaked and beautified a bit. Right now they're all just messy thoughts and scenes that replay in my head. Every night, dammit.

But here's a condensed breakdown of things that've been happening:

Mostly, spring allergies have kicked in, I've ordered my cap & gown (-$70), I've been avoiding the dishes in my kitchen sink and I've been watching that new show on TV Land with Hilary Duff. Also accidentally but very much on purpose, I've been coaxing Jude into poetry readings and very casual late-night necking and idk what I'm doing with my life right now but I'm definitely saying a lot of yes to it and it's sort of fun.

(This entire blog post was unstable and probably something I should warn my mother not to read. Cheers!)


  1. Please blog a thousand time a day. Thank you.

  2. Bravo to poetry and late-night necking!

  3. First, I just finished all four Younger episodes in one day and I sort of have a crazy crush on Josh. (sorry Jake) Second, late night necking with Jude??? How have we not talked about this. I know nothing of your life I guess.

  4. Ah late night necking.. Those were the days. Also, made my whole week seeing TWO new blog posts from you!


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