June 12, 2010

two cents. preferably euros.

Well hello, life. It's so nice of you to greet me again.
I've got a lot to say. Prepare yourself.

Swept away under an ocean of blue sky, surrounded by the deep blue pacific, I spent a week of my life. Let me rephrase that. Last week, I spent some time in paradise.

The grand and largest of all of the Hawaiian islands, Hawaii. That is where I had the privilege of staying for a week. I voyaged and braved this isolated island in the sea with my best friends. Thank goodness. We survived on Kelsey's "Sweet n' Salty" granola bars, Emily's Aloe Vera, and Mckenzie's wardrobe. We would lie on the beach and lay out at the pool. We fried our skin on the very first day and regretted it from that day forward. With good old Bob as our tour guide, cracking jokes along the way, we climbed our way to the top of Hawaii. We waded in a waterfall and explored the great unknown of the jungle... staying far away from the Vomitus trees. (Bob made sure of it.) We took jumping pictures on the beach at night, saw weird things crawling all over the imported white sand, and watched I Am Legend. I almost cried. Except not really. We dined at pretty restaurants and indulged in prestigious dessert each night. On the last day, we rented paddle boards and braved the tide. It was quite a thrill. I loved everything about this trip... except the awkward sun tan that I'll be sporting this summer... I'm peeling in weird places.
All in all, What. A senior trip.

I've never wanted anything so bad before.

Since I was a little girl, who knows how old, I have been completely infatuated by Ireland. I don't know why. I wish that I could explain it. Anyway. Last night, I was watching Leap Year. Hello. New favorite movie of life. It might not be the smartest movie or the wittiest, but it was wonderful. Let me explain my obsession like this. Ireland is my Holy Grail. To live in a place so beautiful and green is something that I'm determined to make happen. I've never been one for a huge mansion in The Hamptons, or a hidden beach house in Aruba. I'm 100% smitten by Ireland. A tiny house on acres of green grass is all that I need to be happy. Oh. And with being happily married. Preferably to someone who cares a great deal about simple things, but not cheesy things. He can't try too hard. Okay. There's my two cents. Don't be surprised if I spend all my days make up-less in a beige dress herding sheep all day sometime in the future. Thanks.

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