June 20, 2010

baseball and blueberries

John Kearns. What a name. Oh to carry such a name.

John Kearns is quite the human being. Anyone who knows him, knows that he is everything that the 13th article of faith highlights. He would most likely be embarrassed that I say that. Then he'd say, "Ohhhh... I'm not that good..." But really. He is. He is just that good. He is my hero, and I'll exclaim that until the day I die. I'm a girl that loves her daddy.

Through the years, he has been my encourager. He has encouraged me to be who I am and be the best me that I can be. He's told me that failure sometimes leads to success if I keep trying. I remember on one particular occasion, I came to him in tears. He took me in his dad arms and whispered in my ear, "This too shall Pass." And at the time, tears just drained out of my eyeballs even harder, but it did. It passed. And I got through it. Without my dad though, I don't know that that would have been possible.

So here's a list of 10 reasons I love my dad so much.

10. Nicknames. He's pops. I'm dots. It happened one day, and stuck. Love the nicknames.
9. He is a hard worker. Whoever said that there isn't enough time in the day obviously doesn't work as hard as the Colonel. Because that man cleans his plate even during a 4 course meal kind of day.
8. Dad Kearns is never too busy. I love that when he can't do something right away, he gives me a time he can. It isn't a vague "Not today, kiddo" it's a "Hey, How about tomorrow." kind of deal. I love that about him.
7. There isn't an algebra equation he can't solve. Through the years, I've had my fair share of math problems. And by problems, I mean that I'm the problem trying to uncover the mystery that is Algebra II. My dad always knows exactly where he can find X and Y. It has saved me from failing a few classes...
6. He is an honorable man. My dad served in the United States Air Force, and that is something that I say with pride. I am so proud that I can call him my dad. I respect him so much for giving away his time, energy, and service for the benefit of the people of the United States. Thanks for your service dad! :)
5. Baseball and Blueberries. My dad is quintessentially American. On any given Summer's eve that my dad's not out saving the world, you can find him in the family room watching baseball, and if he had his way, he'd have a handful of fresh blueberries. The man is the All American Dad.
4. He owns a 1978 yellow Porsche. So... enough said. Clearly, my dad is cooler than your dad.
3. He loves his family. Dads just naturally love their families. But my dad has been to every choir concert, however boring they might be, my dad has been to every single one. He plays with the grand kids like they're his best friends, and half the time, I think they secretly are. He'd rather spend time with them than be anywhere else when they're around. And I love that about my dad.
2. He's in love with my mom. I know that we all act like we're embarrassed when our parents hold hands at the movie theater, or kiss in front of you, or dance in the kitchen while they're making dinner, (and I'm not making this stuff up... all of it has really happened in our house! I love being the only child at home?) but we all love it. Let's be honest. I love that my parents are so in love, and I love that through 35 years, they are in the same love, if not deeper than when they first laid eyes on each other on a blind date so many years ago. Quite the run on sentence. But it was worth it for my parents. I love you parents! :)
1. The top reason that I love my dad is because he has taught me everything that I know. He made me the person that I am today. He converted to the church years ago and it was the best decision that he's ever made. It brought together an eternal family. I am so grateful every day for the testimony that he has. He inspires me to be a better daughter, a better person, a more involved human being contributing to society, and a better member of the church. I love my dad because let's face it. He's the greatest. Happy Father's Day Daddy! :)

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