February 14, 2012

for the love.

"we will always write about love because it is so big. and we will keep trying to write about it because we will keep trying to understand it, keep trying to feel it, to share it! a noun, a verb, so intangible, we keep trying."
--my brilliant lit professor, upon reading a second draft of his wife's valentine present.

and i found myself not overcome by a bow tie, straight teeth, or musician hands. my soul sang to this: a forty year old man who has written a love poem for his valentine for twenty years, and calls her middle age her most captivating.

i love love.

and also, good news: newly single ashton kutcher said he'd be my valentine. and if you judge either one of us for that, well, we don't like you either.


i like words. and you. write me a few?