February 9, 2012

the permas.

i tried to go to the gym today.

i laced up my tennis shoes, pinned my hair up, even stretched!
and then my headphones were m.i.a. ...
...which was an outrage.
so i went to buy new shampoo instead.
it was so me of me.

and on the drive home from walmart, i broke open a box of frosted flakes.
because i'm on a perma-tired kick, and perma-tireds are allowed to make command decisions like that.
this is probably only funny if you like... LOOOOVE art.
so, it's pretty effective for me. 
i'm totally her.

and by the way, getting discouraged because netflix no longer has father of the bride on instant cue is a valid reason to sob. okay, no it's not. but pre-surfing the crimson wave definitely is.
it is also reason enough to justify buying the complete F.O.B. set on amazon.
which i also did.

i think i have been perma-tired for about two weeks now.
which i'm just going to pretend is healthy.

tired people.
we make loser decisions.
but we go to bed before midnight.
so lay off of us.


  1. I think I am also feeling perma-tired... must be something going around the house. But I wish I was going to bed before midnight... Now I am just perma-jealous. AND YES!!! F.O.B.

  2. I am perma-tired too, and you must start watching Downton Abbey on Netflix. It has the complete first season. That art piece is pretty funny :)

  3. I think it's the time of year. Just blah all around.

  4. plan to go to the gym, buy hair products instead. story of my life.


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