February 27, 2012

hot DAY-um. hooray for hollywood.

for me, angelina stole the show. 
...minus the bizarre leg showing thing.
angie. we get it. you're provocative, whatever. now close your legs.
the black velvet versace strapless, the peep toe, red lips, and hollywood curls...
i loved it all.
this is a totally mature thing for me to be admitting; i hate the jolie-pitts with everything inside of me.
my other fave was kate mara's dusty rose elie saab number
i was pretty obsessed with that one.
the beading was a-mahhhhzing.
[shout out to all my happy endings peeps!]

[other mentionables were shailene woodley, kristin wiig, and jessica chastain.]

what did i hate?
yes, i venture to say. 
puppy dog under the tree christmas morning?
i think so. 

and the classiest couple?
and even if she's just another toy on clooney's shelf,
she sure looks phenomenal on his arm.
...which, i won't lie, i'd be down for.

last but not least, 
the night's most awkward moments were obvious: 
first, sasha cohen, hollywood's biggest disappointment, covering ryan seacrest with nasty ashes... 
soooo awkward. 
"i just wish i could bake him sympathy cookies."--amy kearns.
and second, 
cameron diaz and j-lo should never be allowed to present at the academy awards ever again...
no wit, and a nip-slip. 
plus, trying too hard.
it. was. a niiiiiightmare.

and of course the night had its glory moments.
like octavia spencer's acceptance speech,
james franco and anne hathaway not hosting,
emma stone and ben stiller's banter,
and the artist stealing the show. 

all in all, a wonderful night for the academy.
and pop culture junkies like me.

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  1. Completely agree with you on the JLO Cameron bit. So... weird. Definitely not as weird as the human ash spil. That was definitely awkward. Emma Stone and Ben were hilarious! Her dress did look like a puppy dog. Kate Mara's dress was rather lovely. Love the color.


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