July 30, 2012

and then i wrote a bunch of words down for you all to read, and you did. you read them. actually, i don't know if you did or not.

there are times when i choose to move back up to logan for various reasons.
most of them so abstract, stressful, and unrealistic, i can't even figure out why they exist at all.

others highly comforting, exhilarating, relieving, and pretty much downright fantastic.

this is one of those times.

the bad news, however, is that i am currently homeless, i have to quit my job, and i just registered for a world archaeology class.
i needed twelve credits, and decided it would be a good idea to register for school just one month before it starts.
hence. archaeology. 

excited, nonetheless.

also, this is relevant again.
so that's just super. 

more to come, i'm sure of it. i'm bubbling with angst-y dumb stuff to write, and i think to myself on a daily basis, "i should blog about that". but then i never do it. because my life revolves around teenagers. and name tags. knee length skirts. giving candy to keep my boys awake during firesides. and day dreaming about naps... and other stuff, too.

well, no. mostly just naps.

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  1. thanks for moving to logan so we can be friends! see you soon lady friend.


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