July 24, 2012


today, i was featured on this blog.

amanda was so kind to have me over there.
i'm really excited about the piece i wrote, and honored that she had me guest post for her while she has been gone. check it out!

in other news, i'm not exactly sure where my life is headed at the moment, last night, i bought one too many photo apps for my iPhone, i lost most of my cell phone contacts (one in particular), and i shower way too often.
but life is just moving right along, anyway.

hope your pioneer day is full of fireworks and heritage.

the end.


  1. I just read the post and it was so so so so amazing!! You are very talented!! You just got yourself a new follower!! =)

  2. oh lovely courtney. i am so in love with your words.

  3. Oh court. I love you! You seriously are the best writer I've ever met.


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