November 14, 2012

Guess who comes home in one little measly month from yesterday.
Well, Carter.
But then Austin does. Six days later.
29 days, people. 
Like, we're in the twenties. Not 166, not 79 or 54...
Am I being unreasonably liberal with my italics button, here?
Conservative italic-ism... not a thing.
Merry Christmas to meeeeeee!!!!

On a more serious note, I have got to stop watching The Walking Dead. 
I hallucinated that zombies were in my room last night.


  1. Wahoo! THat is so exciting, seriously. Walking Dead. I will never hear the end of that. My coworkers eat breathe and sleep it.

  2. In Megan voice: "Whaaaat? you took two dates that night?"

    1. Yeah. And then remember how you RUINED my LIFE!!?? Jk. Love ya.


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