November 29, 2012

Noteworthy Banter, Volume II

Dad: Courtney, you should ride the Frontrunner home.
Amy: Yeah. Train riding is very 'in' right now.
Courtney: It has been since The Golden Spike happened, really.

"Oh, look at this one!
     'Amy: thanks for kickin' it with me. You are so fine. Seriously.
                  --Richard Neeve, #32'
I wonder whether he knew that it was customary to leave phone numbers in yearbooks, rather than the one on the back of his football jersey... by definition, a winner."

Mama: Coming out of Seattle, it was so bumpy that I was singing to myself the entire time...
Courtney: I am a Child of God, and he has sent me here?
Mama: Nope.
Courtney: Lady Madonna, children at your feet...
Mama: Not likely.
Courtney: Okay, your turn, Amy. I'm striking out.
Amy: Gaga, oooo la-la... want your bad romance?
Courtney: Really, Amy?

"Are candy corn M&Ms your favorite treats ever?"
"Close. I really like blueberry muffins."

(While watching the Santa Clause)
Courtney: That's what Heaven is like. Just a ton of kids with pointy ears.
Mels: That actually sounds a lot more like Hell to me...

Mels: His eyebrows have gotten progressively... loftier...
Courtney: Okay, well, maybe that just happens when you go through major life changes... LIKE BECOMING SANTA CLAUS, for instance. You wouldn't understand. You have great eyebrows.
Mels: None of what you just said even made sense.

"Why are you staring at me so creepishly?"
"Just so I could hear you say the word, 'creepishly'."

Courtney: What's that saying? My mouth is too big for my eyes?
Mels: Uh... your eyes are too big for your stomach?
Courtney: Oh. Yeah. That just happened to me.

"We are going to have so much fun with Snapchat!"
"Yeah! Especially when I send you naughties!"

Mels: Misha can bring you up.
Stetler: Who's Misha?
Mels: The Russian that goes to BYU.
Stetler: Oh! Your Russian guy!
Madison: I had a Russian guy once. His name was Azat.
Amy: Ah, I remember Azat.

"That guy looks like a chubby Joaquin Phoenix."

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