February 22, 2013

Do I look like the type of person who would be excited about the Superbowl?

This is my self portrait.

1// I call it the "Top-Knot-More-Often-Than-Not". 2// I start to fall in love with people* fast, and easily. 3// I wear red lipstick and kiss boys that I shouldn't. 4// Puffy sleeves and Peter Pan Collars. 5// I can't draw hands. 6// Those are green pants, and I really do own a pair. 7// Black T-Strap flats. I've envied Caitlin Craig's for at least three years and decided I should put them on myself, here.

*people: dumb idiots and kittens

Artist/Editor's Note: I made myself skinnier than I probably am, and I made my hips wider. I mean, as long as it's imaginary, I might as well give myself the butt I'll never have in real life... Can I get an amen?


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