February 23, 2013

Oh, Miss Cordelia Drexel Biddle, I thought I knew you well.

Remember how when you were a little girl, you watched The Happiest Millionaire over and over again because "Sister Cordie" was basically your name sake, and when she waltzed on the terrace with Angie Duke, you did, too

Just me, then?
And, let's address the elephant in the room, okay?
Clearly, the dimple obsession began here. I mean..................
Dimples of the John Davidson variety really just sweeten my tea.
Also, just John Davidson in general.

Dear Ashley Heather: "Biddle Bible School" sweatshirt over church slip and singing in the mirror. 


  1. Did I ever tell you how happy I get when I see that you've blogged? Like really happy.

  2. Great movie... It was on tv the other day and I had definitely forgotten how much I love it. Dimples are to die for.
    I'm Dani btw.. Been reading your blog for a while. It's a fave of mine! Now you know ;)

  3. I love this so much. Also, I love that Austin has already commented on this with our account. haha so great.

  4. You never know who is commenting when we comment. We are one.


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