December 17, 2013

Whales and Frasier Crane.

So, I just watched this documentary called Blackfish about killer whales at SeaWorld, and I think it made me a SeaWorld hater, which wasn't my original intention, but whatever because


Like, if you're not into learning about environmentalist perspectives, probably, this documentary isn't for you. But if you are curious about weird stuff and get freakishly obsessed with it, you maybe will want to check it out. It's on Netflix. And it's pretty disturbing, but very informative. Also, I don't think I'll take my children to SeaWorld ever, but that's subject to change because I really like dolphin shows and the corn dogs they have there. 

I keep avoiding going to bed because I'm scared I'm going to have a nightmare where I'm a whale trainer and I get pulled into the water by a five thousand pound orca. So, I  just started watching Frasier. Growing up, my dad would turn it on after the news was over, and I would fall asleep next to him on the couch. I guess I would just rather have a nightmare about Kelsey Grammer than Tillikum, the deranged bull whale... unless... maybe I'm going to have a dream about Kelsey Grammer dragging me into the water during a show where I'm training him to do tricks... 

It is going to be the wildest night. 

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