January 25, 2014


The other day in the car, I asked Jude Law if I was boring. He laughed, said of course I wasn't, and offered me some Doritos. I didn't believe him, so I rephrased the question and made him answer again. He told me that if I was boring, he wouldn't come over to my apartment every night to watch Netflix with me. And then, I said, OKAY BUT DO YOU REALIZE THAT WHAT YOU ARE DESCRIBING IS A BORING PERSON'S LIFE? And he said, You're not boring; you're wonderful.

But then I impulse dyed my hair anyway because I believe in doing non-boring things just because I'm alive and allowed.  


  1. Girl. Your bangs loook gooood in that picture. And also I love the boring person's life. Sure adventure is great, but so is watching the office for the 800th time.

  2. You're not boring. I've never even met you and the things that come out of your brain are often times some of the most riveting parts of my day. And love the hair!

  3. you're not boring..not in the slightest xx

    dreaming is believing

  4. hahaha! love this, and LOVE THE HAIR OH MY GOSH!!


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