January 15, 2014

I keep cartons of cookie dough ice cream* in my freezer for the times I'm watching The Office with tall socks on and it's 1am. I always tell myself to go to bed and just FORGET ABOUT THE ICE CREAM, but yeah right. Like I can even do that. 

Okay. I know I keep saying this, but JIM. I
Also, remember the season 7 opener? With the lip dub? That episode, "Nepotism", is the best episode, second only to "Beach Day", season 3. 

P.S. I had some insane bacon cheeseburger needs tonight. Know what I mean? The worst part is that I didn't get my fill, so I'll probably get another one tomorrow. HOLLA AT YO GIRL. 

The point is, I plan on eating 1am ice cream in bed with a Jim Halpert equivent someday. 

*interchangeable with spoonfuls of Nutella


  1. Oh my word, Beach Day is the best episode ever! I'm so happy to know another person who thinks that.

  2. Good lord Beach day. "What Andy? What should I tell them?" "Look at what I'm doing and TELL SOMEONE IT."

  3. Yeah so pretty much, I love reading your blog.


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