January 4, 2014

Reasons 9538164 and 9538165 to heart The Plaid Shirt

I took a break from my life and spent December entirely at my parents' house. It has been wonderful, but I am ready to get back to the tiny little life I lead up in the mountains. I miss my big bed, my bathtub, and I miss that sweet Jude Law. He's deeply flawed and the trench of our age difference still astounds me, but he sings songs out loud in the car, answers calls with exclamation points, and I've become attached to the way he makes room for me in his life. 

Here's to men who like adventures, hooking up television sets, and using keyboard smiley faces. They're the ones who won't get you to any life-checkpoints fast, but, they'll teach you what it's like to love the lonely years. 


  1. love this, and i kind of love him! forget the age difference. he is a wonderful human.

  2. That last sentence though. I love this. Your life is a dream to read.

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