July 5, 2010


It's funny. Because I usually don't feel like this. I am stressin. Do you ever feel like "get the heck away from me" is all that you want to say to the world? Totally felt it today. First work. Work on a Sunday. For real? I DETEST working on Sundays. Dear everyone that says that not going to church has no effect: I can prove you completely wrong. I feel like when I have to work on a Sunday, something is taken away from me that I miss the rest of the week, and I know that that sounds like something out of a young women's manual about a little girl named "Keiko" or some other weird name, but it's true. I seriously have grown to love my Sundays. I love going to church every Sunday and feeling that I'm in a place that I'm positive is the right place to be, but also, I love seeing people that want to see me. I love it... and without being able to go to church, I feel like something has been robbed from my week. I'm more irritable if I don't go to church. That's for sure. It's the worst. The mall was crazy today. And by crazy, I mean there were people that asked me for ice cream cones all day. That would be fine and all... if I sold ice cream cones. I have approximately 5 items on my menu. Come on people. Read it. Please. For your sake, and mine. Let's just say that my Sunday would have gone a whole lot smoother had I been able to have a full fast and sit through three hours of church. Something that I couldn't sit still through as a little girl.

All in all, my fourth of July weekend was a hit. I chilled with Carrie and the gang Saturday night, (And by Carrie, I mean... Underwood) she was fabulous. As she always is. Because I'm kind of a regular at her concerts. I don't think there's ever been a bigger fan. I can't complain really. I have no reason to. But next week, things will be better. I get to go about doing my Sunday activities in a usual manor! :)

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