September 1, 2010

a terrible and happy day. all at once.

on this weird afternoon, i would like to acknowledge the lovely things that have made this day a little bit better:

1. joshua radin.
2. sitting down in the elevator when there's no one else in there.
3. anthropology. lovely little class.
4. anthropologie. even if housewares are all i'm buying...
5. homophones.
6. soda pop and the big ice cubes.
7. the minty green beach cruiser plus the view of old main.
8. my intelligent life in the universe class. who knew i could earn three credits for watching signs and lilo and stitch. what a joke that class is...
9. polka dot fabric shoes. maybe they're my life these days.
10. fruit snacks that smile.

now for some brief acknowledgments:

to people on the quad: i am on a bike. and i'm not very stable with a tennis racket on my back. plus fifty pounds of books. please don't wait for me to make a sound. or fall. just move.
to repair man: thanks a bunch for bringing us a new faucet and light bulb for our refrigerator.
to becca: thanks for making our dreams a reality.
to professor glass-coffin: your name just gets me.
to english class that i have already taken: i'm way ahead of you.
to abc family: you should have stopped at the secret life of the american teenager. you're just getting lamer.
to people that can't date me for a whole year: maybe i'm in love with you. maybe.
to that 70's show: you make me very happy.
to international students: keep on filming!
to sleep: probably i should get more of you soon.

i hope your wednesday was filled with lots of students too.
love, courty.

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  1. I finally found your blog!! haha, you make me chuckle. I miss your face and logan. But I will be back tomorrow. no worries.


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