September 22, 2010

we're all a little bit freaky. take uno.

today i was at walmart.

and let's be honest. when i'm there, i'm buying everything. always thinking to myself, "no. i don't need that." yet... somehow, i can always find a reason that i DO in fact need that. and today, i looked in the basket and saw a package of chips ahoy, nasal blackhead strips, generic brand astringent because i'm a college student not a multi millionaire, cotton balls, a tom cruise movie, and nail polish remover. (all for 20 big ones i might add. thanks.) while gazing into the wire basket of death, i thought to myself, "would anyone be friends with me based on my purchases tonight?"

the answer was quickly given to me.
no. because i am so weird.
which led me to another idea... like thinking always does...

i. am a freak.

so here we go.
things that make me a freak. part one.

i have realized today that i would rather be deep cleaning my kitchen with lemon scented cleaner than doing a load of other things. for instance:
-hanging out at the fraternities. yeah... not that fun.
-being in my english class. dear professor-who-shall-remain-nameless-for-the-purpose-of-the-unlikely-event-that-you-ever-read-this: i am waaaay more qualified to teach this class than you are by the way.
-being with the wardies. you guys are the worst.
-riding my bike.
-watching t.v.

also, i hate touching paper with dry hands.
what?! who hates that?
more importantly, who likes touching paper with wet hands?
which leads to the conclusion.
that i am a freak.
but it's okay.

because inside, whether we want to admit it or not, if you're julia roberts or the girl next door, you're a freak. and you know it.


  1. I laughed out loud reading this, it's perfect

  2. haha thank you matthew. i have said it before, and i will say it again. i miss you more than you even know. the end.


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