September 10, 2010

musings of a middle class young lady. i owe it all to you mr. pres.

dear mr. president,
oh barrack. how you never cease to amaze me. why is it, sir, that you feel the need to continually make everything about yourself? when speaking on the fiscal plan, only you can find a way to speak of the election that you so "victoriously" won. i've got news for ya, buddy. you didn't win because you were the right man for the job. ;) i know what i say next will be hard for you to understand, but please. just try with all of your might to do so. please stop blaming others for playing politics when you yourself know that game very well. dear mr. o, it's not your party, so no. you don't have the right to cry if you want to. save that for those middle class little girls that are obviously in need of your help so much. oh wait... that's me... and i'm not crying, so why are you? dear mr. president... please stop talking. very few of us like the sound of your voice as much as you do. and plus, the rest of us get way too much of you these days. the view called. they want their celeb back.

love, a very concerned citizen.
{and lowly middle class young woman. ohhh and p.s. i'm going to college. so i'm not THAT lowly. just in case you wanted some hard facts.}

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