November 26, 2010

happy thangts.

thank you, chuck-a-rama for providing such succulent turkey.
and honey baked ham. :)

thanksgiving, thanksgiving, thanksgiving.

i am happy to have such wonderful family and friends. they are lovely, and plus, i don't know what i'd do without them.

thank you for such a beautiful life.

and i think i should put in a plug for how i am so thankful for my traveling privileges.
because we all know that i love them so much.

i went to rome for 24 hours. and it was awfully wonderful.
saint peter's basilica in vatican city.

i'm grateful for my dad, the colonel. he works so hard.
...and then he takes me to places that i have dreamed about since i was a little girl.
he is quite the dad. and also, he's the best.

rome was just breathtaking.
i loved the streets damp with rainwater, and the italian people existing beautifully with their dark features and green eyes. and they were speaking italian. i melted a little sometimes.
it was all just beautiful.

a baroque angel in the vatican. would you believe that heavy texture?

michelangelo's pieta. i know.

the pieta.
and i saw it. with my very own blue eyes.
i couldn't even speak. though it is encased in glass, i still felt so close that i could touch it.
i am a lucky, lucky girl. really, i am.
spoiled rotten really...

we also went to the colloseum, the spanish steps, and the trevi fountain.
we ate gelato in the pouring rain, and a roman man whistled at me.
it was one of those things that i'm glad happened, just so that i can say it did,
...but please let it never happen again.

i got a small and brilliant taste of la cite eterna, and i look forward to going back again someday.

but for right now what i'm focused on is saying my goodbyes to this kid.

ohhhh prom.

it's hard to imagine.
two years without being able to call austin and tell him stories that only he'd think are funny.
that's two whole years of finding my own music and not stealing it from him.
two christmases and two birthdays with the absence of gifts that come from the classy aisles of the d.i.
two summers without del teezee runs at one in the morning.
two autumns without surprise logan visits.
two years without our best friend.
in fact, i hate imagining it.

but then i think a little harder. and i think about how selfish i am.
if he can give up his time, of course i can give him up for two years.
after all, it's only two.
and it's two years of time very well spent.

last night, we went out with all of the other crazy people in hunt for the jollyest givings in the retail department of black friday.
it sure was an adventure. and it's one i'll remember for a long, long time.
aust and i laughed at all of the moms pushing and shoving to get their sales.
we waited in line after line to purchase our spoils.
and were quite successful.
it was great.
and i'm sure going to miss him.

so here's to you, russia.
take care of my best friend, and make him be good.
turn him into a missionary and tell him to preach the truth.

wednesday's the day, folks.


  1. Courtney, This is a great post! :) Love it! And um if you want to cry about Austin come over casue I know how it feels. A heads up its the WORST.....


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