November 10, 2010

i wore mittens today. big, brown, beautiful mittens.

i haven't posted a picture in a while... so here's logan lately. tucked away in beautiful, beautiful cache valley. it always surprises me that the leaves on those big tall trees are really that golden. can that be real? what would we do without autumn?

missy and i went househunting yesterday.
this house is a contender. and it's in the lead.

outside of jake and court's church.
courtney and i marveled at the color.
and then naturally i turned it into a polaroid.

so i went to bed at 3 a.m. last night... and woke up at 8 a.m. ... and now i'm in that same cubical of yellowing wood i typed from yesterday. waiting for my american institutions class to start.

i hate it.

but happy autumn, and happy wednesday! halfway through the week already? get out there and enjoy the leaves while they're still here! those brilliant colors are disappearing fast into clean white SNOW! i can't wait for ski season...

have a lovely day. :)

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