November 5, 2010

then i realized that these things are great and i have never noticed before.

today i am grateful for wikipedia and highlighters.

how else would i have finished... almost finished... 9 pages of american institutions exam review... 141 terms... 200 years of american history...
in 9 hours.
i owe my grades to you, wikipedia and highlighters.
unless those grades happen to be below C's...
and in that case you can just have them.

so today, i am grateful for wikipedia and highlighters.

ohhhh and p.s. this next one is for yesterday

yesterday i was grateful for drinking fountains.
but not the warm kinds. those ones freak me out a little.
so i'm grateful for cold drinking fountains that quench my thirst.
especially the ones in old main.
i could swear they're fresh from the top of our logan mountains.
weird that i just said that. because they probably are.

thank you for drinking fountains. :)

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  1. You crack me up.. and I miss you! Hopefully my week will be less crazy then the last one and we can play.


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