November 9, 2010

hey neighbor. i'm glad we're in love.

how pathetic am i.

sitting in my nook, second floor, merril-cazier library, making a very unconscious attempt at my annotated bibliography and research presentation, due tomorrow, and posting this.

aforementioned question with a period at the end was not rhetorical. answer if you must. i know. i am pathetic. sometimes i walk in the library daydreaming of the people that i will meet. maybe, just maybe, i will sit down in my usual nook and some handsome young gentleman will see me. maybe he'll walk over and sit at the nook beside me and ask me my name. you know, really, he doesn't have to say anything at all. maybe he just smiles at me, puts in his headphones, and goes to work on some math homework that will one day make him big dollar bills. and once that happens, we'll probably live in a mansion somewhere in france. or maybe this mystery smile doesn't exist.

maybe daydream number two sneaks in and says "hey, how are you?" and i'll say, "hey, good. i'm glad we're neighbors and that i'm in love with you." then we'll most likely talk about how we're going to travel the world and do cool things like teach english in third world countries and ride exotic animals for the rest of our lives.

but it never happens. i always just sit alone in my cubical of wood, plug in my computer, and apparently type away at the blank screen that should be a word document, yet is a new blog post. and a pathetic one at that. then usually i look around at all of the other pathetic people, most likely dreaming the same two dreams.

man. if i could only harness this kind of writing energy into my research paper, i would be golden.

that is all.


  1. if there was a like button, i would click it. too bad fbook terms can't always be applicable in situations like this.

  2. Maybe you should just get rich and buy your parents homes in the south of France. Just get rich and give everybody nice sweaters and teach how to dance. Just get rich and build a house on a mountain making everybody look like ants...
    That is what this post reminded me of!


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