November 27, 2011

hey fools.

while my vacation isn't over for another 48 hours,
here are a ridiculous amount of pictures.

none of that even made sense.
but i don't really care...

the sweetest hearts: olli g, and little miss taytum tots.
 gaming. we should get a medal for our gaming, no?
...and herbas with the mountain dew. really, primo?
 there were ten pies. made from scratch. minus the pumpkin. because it is a sin in this family to pass up a costco pumpkin pie.
maizey and taggerson. the most opposite dogs on earth are also the best of friends.
some authentic texas barbecue... praises be to the pork rib gods, and hard 8 bbq.
heyyyyy, julie sister. i like your terrorist hat.
 the blueberry-eyed baby, snickers, the suffocating elf on the shelf, and a baby cousin all grown up.

that last photo collage was completely random...
i apologize?


thanksgiving has been good to me.
reeeal good.
thanks, teJas.
love you forever.

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