November 11, 2011

secret is out.

i guess you could say that i love him. 
yes, i really really do.
so much so that i googled him for like... an hour and a half.
maybe more.
i like to think that if we were neighbors, we would borrow sugar from each other.
and cuddle sometimes.
[vanderbilt heir, visited burma as a 23 year old, worked for abc and cnn, friends with ellen... the man has got it all...]
i'm a walking anderson cooper encyclopedia, yo.
and then someone made this for me.
which i might frame.

just kidding, that would be creepy.
...but probably worth it.
he looks like he's not having a good time, but he is.
i am a good time, dangit!
and do you know something?
i have a mad obsession with him.
and when he wears black wide rim glasses, i think i'd rather watch the news than do anything else at all. 
i don't know if it's the pale skin, white hair, or the fact that he is a well seasoned highly educated contributor of society,
but he gets me.
e'ry time.
google him. it will change your life.


i like words. and you. write me a few?