November 6, 2011

i am authentically irish and french. thanks to these beautiful people.

it's probably because i came home with cary grant's comedy collection last night. 
[8$ at hastings... 4 disks, and a shiny case. i wasn't strong enough to pass it up.]
and i can probably blame it on the fact that penny serenade is my newest favorite cary grant film.
and it is also majorly due to the fact that i'm pretty sure my soul is from 1920.
[and it could have something to do me being confined to a bed all weekend...]
buuuuut... i found little leaves of my family tree that i adore.
blasts from the past, if you will.
via: my sweet southern bell aunt barb.
 my grandmother, mary louise on the right. she is the classiest lady. and a sassy red head!
my grandparents in the middle, and great grandparents on either side.
john kearns is an exact copy of william kearns. and ben kearns, the third generation clone! i loooove it.
after the rescue of my grandfather's plane crash on antarctica, c.a. 1946. stranded for two weeks, surviving on peanut butter and boiled water... my family history is seriously the coolest.
the most handsome devil you ever did see.
that bow-tie, seriously? dad, you're adorable.
my gorgeous aunt barb. is this picture not stunning?!
she is such a dish!
she's my claim to fame :).
i call her aunt barb, but maybe you know her as nina from all my children. 
need a refresher?

 oh, the amnesia.

family history. i'm obsessed with it tonight.

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