November 3, 2011

the human condition. verdict: i have it.

do you ever just wish that god favored you over certain people?

i kind of do. 
i take it back. 
i do. straight up. 

does that make me a bad person?
no, it makes me human. i think. 
it probably makes me a bad person too. 

but to my credit, 
i laugh at people's jokes when they're not funny,
i pray before every meal, 
and i recycle. sometimes.

so that makes me a little bit more... good, right? 
yeah. i'm not buying it either.

i can't help it if sometimes i want to see that one person trip just once. one big hard fall. they've had it coming for quite some time now, let's be honest. and let's justify.

i'm a bad person. crap.

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