August 17, 2012

she said, "watch your back, i'm nobody's girlfriend".

oh, look at that.

i hate everyone today.
except you, matt.

"she said, 'this talking just kind of wears me out,
and all these salesmen, baby, make me tired.
they're no good, but tell you the truth,' she said, 'i've been getting used to liars.
they sing me love songs with store bought words.
they make promises like policians.
so we stumble and disconnect over and over again.'"

"'i let him in, oh man, i let him win.
i burned my house down just to hear him scream my name.
i've carried hope and heavy day dreams,' she said
'but i'm done with sleeping.
take the phone calls
take this circus
take the drummer
cause baby, it's just worthless.'"

and cynical o'ertakes me again.

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