August 9, 2012

one more thing....

i was looking through old emails, and i found a picture that i had never seen before. 
it was from back in march, attached to a one-lined letter that read, 
"i just did 95 pushups" followed by approximately one hundred thousand exclamation points.
no idea how i missed this masterpiece.

...and sometimes i forget just how eager i am to see my friends this winter. 
woa. did i just say this winter?! 
you read correctly. i did, indeed.

no matter what may or may not be happening five months from now with life, i am so comforted by the fact that i'm going to have the two greatest boys on the face of the planet within cell phone coverage distance, and home for holidays, weekends, birthdays, and surprise logan visits.

merry christmas, and happy new year to me, no?
endure to the end is what i always say. also, it's a commandment.

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