August 17, 2012

the part where i question whether or not this is real life....

when i think about being married to a boy, living with one, sharing beverages with one, sleeping in hotels with one, sleeping in my mother's house with one... i pretty much start feeling like i'm going to throw up.
which probably is okay for now.
because obviously i'm nowhere near that freaky shiz.

ask me how happy i am for my friends who've given up their single beds, and their morning how i met your mother marathons. i've yet to even imagine such big love. also, i have never successfully cooked anything in a crock pot, so i'm pretty sure that disqualifies me from the wife club, anyway. or, it probably should. remember this? well i'm still that immature. clearly, it is not my time yet (props, friends).

all of this to say that my dear friend chelsee is getting married in the morning. just one year ago, we were gallivanting around las vegas together, without cares or husbands. and while i will remain husbandless this summer, she'll get married. tonight i visited her, and honestly, i've never seen a human being so happy or so beautiful. i couldn't help but think about how one day that's going to be me. it gave me butterflies to think that i'll find someone somewhere who'll make me not want to throw up anymore. (that came out weird, but.. oh, you get it.)

 i love you, chelsee my sweet!


  1. Oh, these words/thoughts take me back to my own single days.
    Trust me. While alone is really, really nice (and VERY important for a gal's independence)... being part of a team is freaking awesome. And so are kiddos.
    Still-- it's very cool to love your life right now.

  2. I love that picture of you and chelsea. you girls are cute.
    also I'm blog tagging you? It's just called a liebster award cause I love you. You can see all the deets via my blog. :)


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