March 21, 2013

A Painfully Bitter Truth: The story of how I will never run away with Michael Sowder.

I went to a poetry reading today. It was the perfect day for one of those. It was grey today. The clouds sat at the top of the sky, taunting. Occasionally, it would spit, but mostly, it was just still and grey. These are my favorite kind of days. Attach poetry to them, they're basically flawless. The reading featured Michael Sowder, one of Logan's most well-known poets. Coincidentally, he is also a member of the English faculty here at the university. I met him for the first time back in January, at the beginning of the semester. It was at that English seminar that I'm almost sure I've already written about. Well, anyway, that day, I sort of, a little bit, totally became completely obsessed with Michael Sowder.

Like, smitten by him, even. One of the kindest, most genuine human beings, ever. And spiritual! I'm talking about a Buddha-loving-St.-Theresa-admiring-almost-became-a-yogic-monk spiritual person. But take a breath, everyone. I'm not changing my religion because of Michael Sowder, and I'm not going to run off with him... well, the former is definitely true. If he asked me to run off with him, though, let's be real: I might. He is a handsome middle aged poet who was once a successful lawyer, who ran a successful practice, who made a bunch of money, who gave it all up to enroll in grad school to pursue a master's degree in poetry, and who later escaped to India to spiritually enlighten himself and write sonnets... I MEAN?!?! If he asked you to run away with him, you'd do it, too.

On that note, I found out a little while ago that he was involved with another member of our English faculty. Her last name is not the same as his and neither of them wear a wedding ring. When they introduce each other to audiences, they use the other's entire name: Michael Sowder and Dr. Jennifer Sinor. They never, AND I MEAN, NEVER engage in physical contact, and they pretend that they're not involved, but everyone knows they are. I keep imagining them, sneaking behind the school during lunch breaks and sharing a thermos of espresso or something (real Cher Horowitz stuff). Every person in my department talks about their relationship. Like, my professors have brought it up, at least one time, in each of my classes. We're all just so obsessed with them. Michael Sowder and Jennifer Sinor are that mystery love affair that we all sort of hope to come in contact with at least once in our lives. Theirs is the kind that makes you want to keep digging until you find more, you know?

Today, Michael Sowder read a poem about the first time he ever met Jennifer Sinor. He went into detail, talking about some book he was reading while he was in grad school, and how he had to put it down, pick up the phone, and dial her number. Then, he talked about how, now that they're together, she doesn't let him call her sweetie in the halls. I looked over to Jennifer Sinor, who was also sitting in the front row. Her palms were over her eyes, and her bangs draped down, almost covering her hands. But she was smiling, so that's how I know she really was touched. After he finished reading the poem about Jennifer Sinor, he sort of just looked over to her and did this thing with his lips where he wasn't exactly smiling, but he was giving her an I-really-think-you're-wonderful sort of purse. And Jennifer Sinor took her hands off of her face and gave Michael Sowder the same look back. It was maybe the best moment of my whole entire life.

After he read the poem, he thanked her for being married to him and read some poems about the sons they shared.

At that moment, all of the mystery was gone and I wished that I could go on the rest of my educational career, and possibly my life, thinking that Michael Sowder and Jennifer Sinor were a romantic, secret love affair.

It also made me reconsider running away with Michael Sowder.

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  1. that's true love right there. but sometimes, it's almost better the way we imagine it to be.


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